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Hoops a part-timer user from USA writes:
Pretty ordinary mixer from Yamaha, I ended up upgrading to a Digital 328 from Spirit and saw a massive improvement in my sound. Not bad for a entry level digital board I guess, but listen to a few before putting your money down. Also, watch out for the known problem with hissing channels that some O1V's have.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Saturday, 14-Apr-01 at 21:48
squidpop a Professional user from landodubya writes:
Uh, Donnell, where did you get these ideas my man? I got both the Mackie and the O1V. Me and all my buds who have listened to both here in my sweet stoodeeo, we all agree that the 01V is by far superior. That is why I lent my 1604 to a friend and kept my 01V. Not to say that the Mackie series is not a fine and useful set of tools, but (my man, my man) they do not compare favorably to the 01V in flexibility, sound or clean nice even production. Yes, it do sound a little cool...a small sacrifice to the gods of digital. Get a nice preamp and fly...

posted Sunday, 01-Apr-01 at 23:46
fastfreddy from usa writes:
Id just like to pint one thing out. There are a few people here who say that the o1v has no aux returns. Im surprised these people can make it through the day without seriously hurting themselves or others around them. The o1v has what are called omni outs, that can be configured as omni outs, and thats what most people use them for. In fact they are superior because they can be configured in other ways besides as an auxillary. The o1v is a great machine, is great for the money and it sounds good, the effects are useable ( no they are not lexicon or eventide quality ) keep in mind this is a cheap mixer, for the money its amazing. If you compare it to a soundcraft ghost or any really great mixer it will definatly lose, but its about ten times cheaper. Dont hesitate to by one unless your tax bracket aalows for a monster of a mixer.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 27-Mar-01 at 5:5
duh-huh a hobbyist user writes:
that must be why it doesn`t go for anything like pro money then, genius. Some people have serious problems getting that round their heads.

PS, I gave up a mackie 1604VLZ for my 01v so you must have some serious cloth in your ears there boy. 01vs are only 200 quid more new and you get all those extras.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 26-Mar-01 at 18:33
Donnell from usa writes:
The 01v is a doesn't sound as nearly as fat a standard anolog board like a simple mackie 16 channel mixer because an anolog mixer with AUX RETURNS will always until the end of time make a closed system 01v digital mixer sound like it's missing something, in which it really is, it's missing the important element that makes a sound much wider than it already is, such as external FX processing just like the Pros in Pro studios, the O1v is great board for starters and beginer and demo digital mixing and recording, but for real pro recording you would need to spend an additional $1500 on external processing to even think about competing with even a regular statndard Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro board, a static snapshot copy of a sound doesn't share equal ground with the original, a Panasonic DA-7 board that has AUX RETURNS may bridge the gap but this O1v is not for Pro recording period it was designed for demo and project studios who wants digital automation on a budget which most of us would be when we decide to buy this machine, it's a great machine but not for the Pro.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Sunday, 25-Mar-01 at 16:58
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