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Per a Professional user from Swede writes:
actually my mixes are professionally mastered. you are right - if you can afford better desks then u will get a better sound than the 01V. personally i don't agree with your comments on 44khz/16bit all the way unless you are mixing for MP3's maybe. For good trance vinyl the more resolution the better.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 06-Dec-00 at 4:31
Rowboffin a part-timer user writes:
I didn't mean to imply that Midi controller 7 had anything to do with audio sampling. I just meant that even if you automate volume changes to achieve the semblance of greater dynamic range in evidence in acoustic instruments the gradations will be very course. I don't see the point in using 24-bit converters to capture that fact. As for the bit depths in the 01V, well those figures are correct according to the 01V manual. And I never record at anything but 16bit 44.1kHz.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 04-Dec-00 at 14:55
graham a Professional user from Australia writes:
To Rowboffin, check your facts on the on the controller point you made. The eight bit value is in fact not related to audio at all. The controler value you are talking about is volume Controller 7.The data byte following the status byte is set MSB bit to 0.The LSB (bit 0)to bit 7 are the data bits. 2 to power of seven gives the 128 segmemt data range 0 to 127 in value, this controls a logrithmic db curve of heard volume. This has nothing to do with audio sampling.

posted Sunday, 03-Dec-00 at 22:6
Graham a Professional user from Australia writes:
You people going on about how many bits the ov1 has are ill informed.Few of you would have got your songs professionaly mastered.It will cost you at least a grand to get them converted to 16bit 44.1 with a apogee converter and it sounds DIFFERENT you lose high end.Stick to 16 bit 44.1 all the way.Buy the fostex rackmount harddisk recorders and record at only 44.1 16 bits.

posted Sunday, 03-Dec-00 at 21:48
r-tek a hobbyist user from UK innit writes:
course its not necessary, *preferable* maybe but in no way is it a must do. I can just see it now - everyone on the dancefloor is going crazy, but then, the DJ drops a tune that was mixed with a mere 20bit signal path and the dancefloor clears in seconds ;)

Guess what? My emu ultra sounds a whole lot better and is better featured than my mates akai 1000. Can you beleive that? Never mind that fact that the emu costs many times more, thats irrelevant ;)

The quality of the sound is easily good enough, better than my old mackie 1604 anyways and unless you`re writing some pop pap, then the 20 bit thang doesn`t matter one bit.

I sugest some folk take the heads out of their rear passage cos for the money these go for, its an absolutely incredible piece of equipment, absolutely peerless infact. If you can afford better, then good for you, I cant and yet I`m as happy as a dog with two sets of danglies :) :) :)

I guess giving it a 10 implies perfect, which it aint, but for the money......

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 03-Dec-00 at 15:9
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