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Rowboffin a part-timer user writes:
You can think what you like Per, 24-bit is not necessary for Dance/trance music since synths don't have better than 20-bit DAC anyway. Plus MIDI instruments use an 8-bit controller for volume so why would you need a 24-bit input for something with such an inherently limited dynamic range? As for 80s mixes, SSL and Neve were used throughout the 80s, whereas Orbital use Yamaha digital consoles to mix their stuff. The 02R doesn't sound better, either, since the internal resolution is the same and the mic pre-amps are worse. Please get some perspective, comparing an 01V to a Neve is just stupid and doesn't inform potential users about what the strengths or weaknesses of this desk might be. These are supposed to be user reviews after all. If you can't get the sound right at source no amount of 24-bit or any other garbage can save you. If a sound is warm and full at source then the 01V will give it back to you warm and full. Just don't rely on your mixer to make a poor sound into a great one.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 03-Dec-00 at 10:31
Per from Sweden writes:
well i do dance/trance music and i think 24 bits is essential. i run cubase at 32 bits and digital signals at 24 for the max resolution. as for the cold sound, it's great for doing 80's mixes but not much use for anything contemporary. why do you think producers work with neve and ssl desks? the 02r sounds better than this one. fir $900 it was a good deal for a submixer on drums,

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Saturday, 02-Dec-00 at 15:8
Rowboffin a part-timer user from Britain writes:
Oh please!!!! You can keep your Mackie, mate. Very few people need better than 20 bit A/D, virtually nobody making popular/dance music needs the extra dynamic range of 24 bit. As for "long in the tooth", well hardly. The mic pre-amps on the 01V are the same on the new AW4416, better than the 03D and the 02R! The facilities on the 01V have yet to be bettered on any console at its price point. "Awful" audio quality!!!! Take the cotton wool out of your ears and experience 32-bit floating point processing quality and 44 bit EQ. Clean, quiet and transparent. If that means "cold" then i'll take it every time. I can always use outboard to add extra warmth if I need it, which I don't at present.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 29-Nov-00 at 17:42
Carlton from Aus writes:
Entry level Yamaha prosumer mixer but getting a bit long in the tooth with only 20 bit A/D. Compared to my Mackie desk this sounds awful, but it does make a good cheap submixer to put into a live room so musicians can do their own sub mix.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Friday, 24-Nov-00 at 14:16
Holger Lagerfeldt a Professional user from Denmark writes:
Extreme value for money here!

Acceptable sound quality and lots of features! Almost everything can be controlled via MIDI from fx. Logic Audio.

Definetly recommended as the best small format digital mixer at this price. No doubt about it.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 23-Nov-00 at 14:36
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