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Denby Sweeting a part-timer user from UK writes:
I bought this mic on a whim, actually the straight D70 version not D70 ME. The straight D70 is hardwired unbalanced with a 1/4" jack plug and so appears to be a cheap karaoke mic, which it isn't. It's not got the focus and smooth top-end of an SM57 (arguably THE benchmark for hand-held instrument mics), it is a little sizzly at the top-end, but for the money (I got mine for 10GBP) it's a decent mic for the money. A bang/buck comparison compared with an SM57 means I'd say this mic is worth it on a tight budget, or as a budget alternative/backup to an SM57. I'm working on a mod to add a balanced XLR socket.

posted Tuesday, 27-Oct-09 at 10:40
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