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boobs from USA writes:
DP4 AU implementation is half baked and really disappointing. you can make good music w/PC or mac. it's a dead argument. shut up

posted Wednesday, 01-Oct-03 at 16:30
po yao chuang writes:
pc the name personal computer means its yours to determine its well being, mac on another hand is good product but expensive, digital performer is logical, so the question is should you invest alot of money for best products? or should you invest less and still do as good as you could be? I dont think its the product, but the talent and creativity

posted Tuesday, 30-Sep-03 at 2:0
Akai96 a Professional user from USA writes:
This program is phenominal!!I have both DP and Logic audio, and both are incredible programs.At first it may seem that logc is the superior program(famous artist,producers,etc.,use it). But when you really know what each program can do,they are definitly a TIE!!! DP works better for me,because it is more versatile when it comes to midi timing,groove folders,and PPq changes. You can not change time resolution in logic,and boy it certainly makes a difference! More than most can imagine,Try changing the ppq to 48 ppq,put 0.0000 decimals behind that,Turn on the mpc-60 groove folder,set the duration to 200%, and MAN!,it is no way logic could feel that great!!However logic is a bit snappier,and the audio features are a bit more stable,and it responds to softsynths a bit better than DP,But when you here the final results on both,It is obvius that they are a tie!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 18-Oct-02 at 9:42
caustech from usa writes:
i use digital performer 3.0 and i love it. i have never had a problem with it that i can remember. it is set up very logically. it does the job and does it well

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 13-May-02 at 6:30
Lucci from USA writes:
This is the best program ever!!! Smokes Pro Tools, Logic and Nuendo/Cubase. I will say VST plugs are more available but not as high quality as MAS. use this program for everything with MOTU audio interface on a fast Mac (mine is a dual800) and thats all you need. And at a fraction of the price of digidesign Pro Tools users can kiss my ass seriously!! Stop wasting cash on that crappy is industry standard only because of its age but its time has come!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 22-Jan-02 at 22:55
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