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J a Professional user from U.S.A. writes:
I've been a DP user for under a year and cant believe I was making music without it. I did research other music software but only DP had the flexibility to handle any genre logically. If your Mac based your pro choices are Cubase or Digital Performer. Both are excellent programs. DP's track record, hardware (2408), and intergration of the two is incredible. I've had no problems with them. Most operation are simply painless. I've had to learn everything on my own because I dont know anyone in my area that run a Mac/DP config.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 23-Feb-00 at 15:6
SWELLMOB a Professional user from Wonderland writes:
Digital Performer is GREAT, MAC is GREAT!!! but PC users don't know this things......... WINDOWS? Gimme shit!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 20-Feb-00 at 17:48
DAS a Professional user from US(Philadelphia) writes:
Digital Performer is definetly one of the best software DAW's you can invest in for the Macintosh. I've used several packages, but DP lays out everything in a logical sequence, and to say the least this program is nothing less than professional.

Let me clear up one factor that I know to be true for anyone that reads this worldwide. I'm also a professional computer tech that has used both PC's and Mac's professionally and I can definetly say from experience and technical knowledge that there is no PC compatible computer that even compares to the power, user friendliness, and stability of a comparable Macintosh computer. True, you can buy an IBM for maybe $1500 less than a Mac, but in the end you really do pay more for an IBM than you do for a Mac, because once you start having problems with an IBM used for digital recording, you will start pulling your hair out. Trust me, I've been in the computer field since 1994 and IBM computers would crash on me at least 4 times a day, my Mac at home crashes on me maybe 3 times every three months.

It's the difference between buying a cheap Honda, or a BMW.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 10-Feb-00 at 6:56
TBon a Professional user from USA writes:
In L.A. Performer and the Mac are what the pros use, period. The are a number of other good sequencing packages - Cubase, Vision, etc. but if you want to work with the big guys you better know Digital Performer. As far as platform, if it's music, it's done on a Mac. And for good reason - superior OS and superior hardware, realibility, speed & the best software. Apple's building the best personal computers on the planet...when people ask me whether they should buy a PC or a Mac I always tell 'em there's a reason why they sell PC's at Wal Mart.......

posted Tuesday, 01-Feb-00 at 1:53
Fat Elvis a Professional user from USA writes:
I've been using Digital Performer for over 4 years (on a Mac) and hve not looked back. In my opinion, it's the best product out there. And with the upcoming release of version 2.7 MOTU will be even further ahead of the competion. Go to and read about it. As far Matthew Peterson's comments about the shortcomings of the Mac, you can always by DP for Windows (Intel) but then you'll really talk about a poor implementation of an OS. And by the way, the sawtooth G4 Mac has every Intel box beat on speed so don't even go there. Read up on your facts dude and get out of your cave!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 29-Jan-00 at 9:6
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