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Average rating: 8.8/10 out of 10

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Pat a part-timer user from South Africa writes:
I ve had fl for about a year and i enjoy playing with it,as i ussully enjoy my fruits.That is why is called fruity loops.But i still learn and which to have more pluck ins or more vst's

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 29-Sep-09 at 4:43
TeeBaby a hobbyist user from New York City writes:
Fruity Loops is half conceptual, and half passion. If you know how to use the piano rolls and mix it well you have yourself a beat. But on the contrary you have to have the passion to make it a good beat. Personally, love and appreciate this program.

posted Thursday, 11-Jun-09 at 8:2
Drummer since birth writes:
I dissagree.Yes fruity loops does sound first then you start slicin' and dicen' in piano roll. Being a reall drummer, I could fool that one fucker! he would never know the difference. . . . . . .It's a fruity loops thing

posted Tuesday, 10-Feb-09 at 0:10
Phalgunn a Professional user from India writes:
Its mind blowing. The software is just out of this world. Super. Mind blowing man.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 10-Aug-08 at 12:45
DannyC a hobbyist user from Ireland writes:
I've been using fruity loops for around 7 years some of my project clips can be found off I mainly produce progessive/melodic trance sounds and find it perfect and easy to use

posted Friday, 25-Jul-08 at 16:36
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