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jay brown a part-timer user from u.s.a writes:
I use fruity loops for all my tracks and I find it to be the ultimate software program for the price I also have all the top programs but nothing compares to fruity loops it offers you so many things and including the plugins I have no problem with making a good track better and with the use of the my midi keyboard its very good

posted Thursday, 14-Mar-02 at 1:9
Ade a Professional user from Canada writes:
FL3 is a fantastic program. There are very few limitations to what you can do with this program. The VST and DX plugin support is excellent, and so is sample sequencing. Honestly, this is really all you need: you can run whatever soft synths you like inside Fruity (except for synths like the Subtractor from Reason, for some reason Steinberg is still living in the stone age and does not offer VST support), and you can build whatever rhythms you want with the sequencer.

But of course, this is not all you get. There are a myriad of things possible with FL3, you really should do yourself the favour and check it out. I think the real reason some people don't take Fruity seriously is that it has a unusual name, an fresher appearance, and it's cheap. Don't be fooled!


Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 12-Mar-02 at 14:54
Fruity Guru/The Master a Professional user from Empire of the U.S.A writes:
None of you people have a clue about what Fruity is capable of. The Piano Role can make extremely complex melodies and chord progressions. Get the Pro-52,B4,FM7 ,Muon Toa, and a sound font player and you will be able to make any style of music you want, not just techno. If you don't know about these VST's look them up. With these VST's I've made Classical, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Trance, Jungle, House, and even 80's pop rock and Rap/Hip Hop. This program blows Cubase away, but you need a newer version. Get fruity 3.3 and you'll understand. I've been using Fruity ever since it was just a beat program with a cheezy step sequencer, I know what I'm talking about here. The possibilities with Fruity are only limited to the talent you possess. It's all out there waiting to be used. Good Luck Guys, keep the underground alive. P.S. House is Dead. Please quit flooding the internet with that basic shit. Only Chumps make House!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 05-Mar-02 at 13:58
Robert van Grunsven a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
For the last few months I have been trying the demo version. Only a week ago I received my full version. Floops is very easy to get into but also adds enough depth for those who want to go a bit further. Thanks to the VST pluggins you are allowed to make Floops do about anything you want it to do. Also, the package comes with some great effects. Floops is value for money.

posted Saturday, 02-Mar-02 at 6:45
Solace a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I agree with Paul. The sequencer is pretty lame when you look at the professional competition.

However, the rest of the program should be deemed as the ultimate music writing software ever written.

It may well have been designed for Electro or Techno music, but I hate the stuff, and am happily able to write any Ambient, Trance or Drum and Bass track in one evening.

This software is sound, and anyone who ripps it should expect a heavy flaming.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 28-Feb-02 at 5:17
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