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Ian a Professional user from Canada writes:
I have used an older version of this mic for about a year and a half now, some fella wanted to trade me a Beta 58 for it and I said "NO WAY!". The diversity of this hyper-cardioid dynamic is way better than most in it's class.

I have brought this microphone out to a couple of live shows where the singer immediately says "I have to get one of these!" One was a virtuoso harmonica player that was using another Beyer mic for his harp stuff. His (Mike Stevens from Canada) voice is so deep that any other mic thinned out his voice. The M 69 captured the fullness of his voice and had my EV speakers just a rockin through a Mackie 24-4 VLZ. The other time I used it with a solo blues guy (David Essig) and we were about to use an AKG C-1000 but we couldn't get the right tone in the room for it with it being such a hot mic. The M69 came through again and I had a buyout offer within seconds of trying it.

I have not used the TG (Tour group) line of this mic yet but understand that it is the same design with more rugged grill construction which is good because the M69N(c) version that I have is having grill issues, with the top starting to seperate slightly from the ring and the top is a little bent out of shape but it is still a handsome mic and it sounds great.

For recording, I recently used this on a home project where I was mimicking Leonard Cohen for a theatre project. I had to sing "In the basement" meaning a very throaty bassy tone and the M69 captured it beautifully despite my cheaper pre-amp and old 16 bit sound card. On the same project I used it for the classical guitar, the electric guitar amp and the the kick drum all with equally satisfying results.

This mic will do so much and add next to no distortion and make your whole project the better for it's inclusion. If I can I will own a few of these for road and studio applications.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 15-Feb-05 at 3:53
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