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Jeff Abshire writes:
A nice little box, comes with 60 presets with their descriptions on top of the box. Half-rack sized. I got it cheap off of ebay for $60, it's a good one-purpose box, has some pretty nice possibilities. I don't have a manual, so I don't know all of the info on it. Has balance, delay amount (stereo or mono), delay time, and a couple settings that I don't know what the abbreviations stand for (FB, LIVE,SIZE,HIGH) It says to only use the yamaha power supply, but like usual a cheap Radio Shack one worked fine.

Good Points
It makes a cheap drum machine sound a lot better. It's a good one-purpose box, get it cheap or don't bother. The controls are nicely granular.
Bad Points
Really limited. It's a stright-forward reverb box, and that's it.

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