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john writes:
. a decent mixer for your 8 track studio. 8 xlr and 1/4 inch inputs on the first 8 channels along with rca tape ins and outs make with a channel/tape reverse swich make it a convinent, no brainer, easy to use inline console. 10 hz to 75 khz frequency response. never herd of that on a budget console before. nobody else is delivering these goods at this price point, but what can you say about the inventor of the adat - they know what the basic home studio user really needs. inserts on the first 8 channels and inserts on the stereo buss and the sub group/buss qualify it as being a real console as you could use the inserts to tie in a graphic eq or compressor so you could use it for live applications. I would really bring it out on the road w/o a case as its not the most durable mixer on the planet (allen heath and mackie are by design better suited for heavy road use, with or with out a case.)

Good Points
what ever you put thru it will sound like it should, the eqs do the job. it sounds clean and quite at unity gain, and it gets a really nice nasty square wave about 10 - 15 db over full peak. if you own an adat this is the perfect mixer for you.
Bad Points
2 aux sends on the first 8 channels. I wish they would have devised a way for you to access those monitor out to use as aux sends on mix down. however they let you do this on the 4 stereo ins so that *kind of* makes up for it. the new mackie sounds smoother and is laid out in such a way to give you more space to work than the alesis. yea, that alesis is deffinetely cramped for space - you get what you pay for. made in china, support your nonlocal sweat shop.

 alesis studio 24 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
16 (8 mono & 4 channels stereo input)
Other IOs:
8 rca tape ins and outs
Busses/Subgroups: 2 sub group
Aux sends: 2 on first 8 with tape monitor. 4 aux on stereo ins
high low shelf + sweep mid on first 8 high low and fixed bell on stereo

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