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arrowReleased: 1/99  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 5.4/10arrow User reviews: (11)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrowHardware: PCI
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Robert van Kirden writes:
The Audiowerk2 is a basic, clean sounding digital/analog I/O PCI card from Emagic, basically the little brother to the Audiowerk8 card. The sound quality is identical to the AW8, the AW2 simply has fewer outs. I've had zero problems with this card- it does a great job considering the low, low price. This price also includes MicroLogic, a 'lite' version of Logic capable of 12 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI, as well as Waveburner CD buring software, and ZAP, a audio file archiving program.

Good Points
Great 16 bit audio I/O for cheap. Highly reliable.
Bad Points
16 bit audio, Analog and digital outs cannot be used simultaneously.

 Emagic Audiowerk2 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
Busses/Subgroups: 0
Aux sends: 0
Max tracks: n/a
Maximum Resolution:44k@16 bits
Software supported:
All ASIO and EASI sequencer, Rebirth

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