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 Fostex VM08 At a Glance  
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JCD writes:
This is a pretty small and limited-use mixer. You might use it (as I do) as a sub-mixer to improve the channel count of your main mixer. It could also be the central mixer in a small set-up, but access to important mixer features (effect send, EQ, balance) is achieved through menus, and would present a bit of a challange for any semi-real-time venture.

This mixer seems pretty solid to me- good build, sound and consistant gain control throughout the signal path. On board effects are handy, but are limited almost exclusively to different flavors of reverb and a couple of different delays, with a passable chorus and flanger. The pitch-shifting delay is a bit of a novelty, but not much more. The optical S/PDIF out is a plus.

The real trouble, though, is in the confusing Aux Send implementation; there doesn't seem to be any kind of Aux Return.

These things tend to be a bit hard to find- they came on the market (I think) in 2000, and had been pulled without a trace in late 2001 after a drastic price drop.

Good Points
Inexpensive, Good build and sound quality, very portable.
Bad Points
Limited on-board effects, confusing aux send implementation, hard to find.

 Fostex VM08 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
1 Out
Analog IOs:
4 Mono, 2 Stereo
Busses/Subgroups: 0
Aux sends: 2
Maximum Resolution:24 Bit A/D/A
fixed 3-band
2 Independant delay/reverb engines

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