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JD writes:
Wow~ this unit is really good, abiet specialized. It does chorus, flange, detune and LFO functions. Although certain settings can "act" like a delay, this is not a good unit for delay/reverb/etc. The sound quality, even at audio of 16 bit, is very, very good and relatively low-noise. It's the world's coolest chorus/flange box....and there is a blow-out price on this unit of $US 229 at This is a professional piece in all respects, the original MSRP was around $US 800. For slightly more than the price of a cheap chorus pedal, you can own what might be the world's best dedicated chorus/flanger unit.

Good Points
Sound quality and variety. This unit really offers everything from deep, dark chorusing to shimmery vibrato. Sound quality will *kill* the cheap Zoom/DOD/Boss unit you own. It is programmable in the way I never thought chorusing could ever be. Want an eight voice chorus? Okay. You can, if you have the stamina, individually program the LFO characteristics, detune, level, dynamic response, etc.....for each single voice of your eight voice chorus! A little over the top, probably....but truly a cool unit. The manual is not as bad as most Roland gear, but not really good for pointing out which parameter manipulations are good for what. On the other hand, the preset names give you a good place to start. The best "good point" of this unit: it really does chorus/flanging f/x as good and detailed and programmable as I've ever heard. For me, it's good enough that I can reliably free up my mult-fx units (Lex MPX-1, MPX-100, Ensoniq DP/4 for pure reverb emulations.
Bad Points
I wish it had balanced ins/outs or digital ins/outs. At the same time, the noise specs are very good. While the manual is not nearlt as bad as most Roland units, it's not really good, either.

 Roland SDX-330 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
2 / stereo unit unbalanced
Midi IOs:
1 in/1 out/1thru
Maximum Resolution:44.1 @ 16 bit
see description
Software supported:

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