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 Behringer T1953 At a Glance  
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sonicbot writes:
The Tube Ultragain is the best preamplifier that Behringer has ever produced. Not only did they choose the highest components available; in the input section circuitry they've bordered on breaking the laws of physics. With impressive results: absolutely pure audio quality and unbelievable detail resolution. Input gain is adjustable from +10 to +60 dB. Phantom power is switchable per channel, with a

Good Points
ULTRA-TUBE circuitry lets you add exactly the amount of tube warmth you want to your signal—without adding noise or sacrificing audio quality.

 Behringer T1953 Specifications:

Analog IOs:
2x XLR mic inputs, 2x XLR / TRS line inputs
Other IOs:
Audio outputs (XLR and TRS)

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