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Charles Benton writes:
Single rackspace digital delay unit. delay times range from 7ms to 3600ms (3.6 seconds). front panel layout as follows(left to right):

input jack, input ammount knob(pull out for microphone input), tone knob(simple eq), delay mSec knob(starts at 14, then goes up by multiples of 2 untill 1800), delay time knob(multiplies the mSec knob by 0.5x to 2.0x its value), width knob, speed knob(max arround ~2hz), feedback knob(goes from zero to near infinate, also pulls out to have inverse feedback), dry mix knob, delayed mix knob, mix output jack, inverted mix output jack, bypass/effect button, hold button(hold is arround 1 second), power button.

rear panel layout(l to r): footswitch jack for hold, footswitch jack for bypass, inverted-mix out, mix out, dry out, input.

This unit is just a basic delay with modulation, nothing out of the ordinary or extremely special, except maybe the inverted feedback and hold function. The unit also has a 'headroom' display, which is just 5 leds that show the output volume, from -10 to +6 db( first 3 leds are green, the last 2 red.) The tone knob leads me to believe this was aimed mainly at guitarists, but ofcourse works well with any sound source you might have. The unit is a gold-ish color with black letering.

Good Points
Long delay times for what you pay, hold function, tone knob is nice to have.
Bad Points
Not realy stereo, hard to get a precise delay time, theres noise if the tone knob is all the way up.

 Ibanez DM1100 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
ins- 2 / outs- 5
Maximum Resolution:12 or 16bit
simple 'tone' knob
DEaly based fx

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