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 Mackie Onyx 1220 FW At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 2004  arrowVersion: 0.00
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PieR aka Techno-iD writes:
With the Onyx serie Mackie introduces a new concept in PC recording : an analog mixer directly connected to a PC via FireWire. The mixer in itself is a really great choice, with excellent MIC preamp and all the habitual Mackie stuff : Rude Solo LED, great monitoring system, excellent pre-amp and eq., two Aux. FX, mute ans Solo per channel, ALT 3+4 per channel. The ice-cream is the FireWire optionnal card which enables to directly record 12 inputs in your favorites DAW, with zero latency or so. The ASIO driver is stable ans easy to install. NOTE : the firewire card is sending post-gain and pre-eq and FX inputs : you can't mix and eq your sound and send it to your DAW ( in fact you can , but only through the channel 17/18 those being reserved to a Master Analog out to Firewire/DAW IN -post gain, post eq, post fader,post FX and post Main Mix)

Good Points
Excellent for live recordings of stage, concerts, live session, jam, with 12 different tracks. Recording pre-EQ etc. (see above) you can easily EQ and Mix your session for the stage and record your session with no EQ,FX etc. for a post-production work in your DAW.
Bad Points
Not really effective with Virtual Synthesizers...I frequently receive some strange whistle and noisezzzzzzeee when recording Reason...

 Mackie Onyx 1220 FW Specifications:

Digital IOs:
IN 12 OUT 2
Analog IOs:
IN 12 (+ tape IN) OUT 4 (+ tape out)
Aux sends: 2
Low - Mis -High - Frequency
Perkins Mic Pre-Amp, four 48v fantom-powered ins
Software supported:
Sequencer : traktion, Sonar, Cubase etc.
Optionnal FireWire card

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