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 Polyrythmic Archibald At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 06 01 2008  arrowVersion: 3.50
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Eric Loillieux writes:
Archibald is a complete and powerful tool for creating grooves. Thanks to its flexible step-sequencer, you may edit drum parts of virtually any level of complexity. Archibald is then able to add its own realistic interpretations of your patterns, putting a "human" touch to note, velocity, and attack information, according to your own taste. Archibald comes with its 260 mo sounds' bank, and may be extended with any third party sound. Also includes a 'pattern creator' and a 'Live' module, to drive Archibald on the stage..

Good Points
Improvisation, randomization, sound, attack's parameter
Bad Points
not so easy to understand at first sight.

 Polyrythmic Archibald Specifications:

Max tracks: 16
Maximum Resolution:96k@16bits
Included in synth module
Filetypes supported:
wav, aiff

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