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 HighC Draw your Music At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 05/16/08  arrowVersion: 2.20
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Thomas Baudel writes:
HighC new graphical music creation tool. In HighC, users draw sounds on a continuous time-frequency diagram that looks like a musical score. They use purely graphical operations (such as move-resize, copy-paste, group...) to produce rapidly complex audio effects or full compositions. Its integrated interface encompasses the role of synthesizer, sequencer and mixer.

The simple and unified synthesis model underpinning HighC gives access to the most common sound synthesis techniques in a graphical, intuitive and uniform framework: Additive synthesis, Waveshape, various noise-based models, but also FM synthesis, Ring modulation and granular synthesis.

Good Points
A new approach to create sound effects, loops, or even full compositions. Very easy to learn if you want to create new sorts of sounds: even children and complete novices get the base features right in a matter of minutes.
Bad Points
The interface is very simple to learn, yet somewhat unconventional. This software is not a replacement for a regular sequencer/mixer: it is for taking a new, fresh approach at music composition and sound effects creation.

 HighC Draw your Music Specifications:

Max tracks: infinite
Maximum Resolution:44k@16bits
Filetypes supported:
upic, midi

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