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Rane writes:
The Midiverb II is essentially a swiss army knife fx processor. Good quiet stock fx that you can punch up instantly and get what you need under MIDI control. There isn't any editing, but Alesis did a fairly well rounded job with the patches available. The reverbs are typical Alesis...nice, but a tad cold sometimes. The choruses are nice, and the flanges sound good, but the delays are mono, and not very long. Don't expect to have your jaw drop, but it's a great supporting processor to have. I plan on picking up a second at some point.

Good Points
Quiet, clean, and easy enough for a dead monkey to use. It's inexpensive
Bad Points
No editing, mono delays.

 Alesis Midiverb II Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Stereo in, stereo out
Midi IOs:
1 in, 1 out, 1 thru
Maximum Resolution:44k@16 bits
30 reverbs, 10 gated reverbs, 10 flanges, 10 choruses, 20 delays, 10 various mix and match

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