Impact Soundworks Black Friday Sale

JUGGERNAUT and CELESTIA bundled together for 50% off

Plug-In Offers Perfect Drum Hits Every Time

Sound Radix announces Drum Leveler for Mac and Windows

Funky House Construction Kits

Producer Loops releases Deep Funky House Vol 4

Free Synth For Windows

beatassist.eu's Mantra Evo is based on an FM synth and a Phase Dist synth

Blissful Guitars And More

ModeAudio releases Float - Chillwave Guitars & Loops



Ace Guitar Sounds

Kemper Amps release Ace of Skunk Anansie Signature Rig Pack

Walking On The Moon Tones

Andy Summers of The Police designs Toneprints for TC chorus and delay pedals

Transform Any Stereo System Into A Guitar Amp

Line 6 introduces AMPLIFi TT

Gibson Announces Two Bob Dylan Guitars

Limited edition Bob Dylan Autographed SJ-200 Collector's Edition and the Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player's Edition

Stompbox Offers 12-String Sound From A 6-String

DigiTech introduces Mosaic polyphonic 12-String effect pedal for Guitar



Podcast: Sonic TALK: 384 - Drones and Cymatics

Drones at a gig, Cymatics of Nigel Stanford, Behringer Analog, Pono and Lemur

Berlin Diaries: Schneiders Laden - Why It Matters

Still sticking up for the little guy after 15 years

Podcast: Sonic TALK 383 - Adamski and 3/4

DinIsNoise instrument, Softube Console 1

Waldorf Streichfett String Machine Review

Sounds of an era of bygone technology

MOST READ - this week

1 Trent Reznor Talks Creativity

Soundtoys debuts a new video series featuring their favorite artists

2 Software Theremin For Mac OS X

Zero Crossing releases iThereal multi-touch trackpad controlled virtual Theremin

3 16-step Eurorack Sequencer Module

Transistor Sound Labs releases Stepper Acid

4 Finding The Perfect Korg Keyboard

New Keyboard Finder website offers help

5 Presonus Black Friday Specials

Worldwide software price reductions and US retail offers announced

6 The Hurdy Gurdy Reborn As A Synth

Rhythmic Robot releases Crank for Kontakt


Arturia Plan Next Generation Audio Interfaces

Teaser released, hardware next year

Softube Console 1 And SSL XL9000 K Channel Strip

Hands on mixing controller with a twist

GForce Oddity 2 Announced - Chance To Win Arp AXXE

Authentic Odyssey emulation packed with new features

Korg Module For iPad - Up To 72 Voices

Pianos and electro-mechanical sample sets

New Korg Kronos

More piano, OS updates and redesigned case

Keith McMillen's $99 K-Board Drops

Available exclusively through Guitar Center

Skoog Wireless V2 - On Indiegogo

Numerous improvements over the quirky controller

Portable Music Studio

Watch the Cyberstep KDJ-ONE promo video with Slipknot's turntablist, DJ Starscream

More Videos

Cubase Focus: Mixing Workflow with Track Visibility 

More power tips for managing large projects

Berlin Diaries: Schneiders Laden - Why It Matters 

Still sticking up for the little guy after 15 years

Cubase Focus: Using The Chord Track To Drive The Arrangement 

On the fly arrangement of chords and melody

Sonic Touch 35: Focusrite ITrack Dock, Loopy, KMI Softstep 2 

Gaz jams some loops too