MESSE 2015: Nektar Panorama P4 1.5 Update Brings It On

Smart control, Reaper and Komplete Kontrol

Visual Sound Constructor

Jobo Music's Flexion is coming soon to Mac and Windows


NI announces free exclusive in-store preview event to take place across the UK and Ireland

Reference Class DJ headphones

AKG unveils K181 DJ UE

Stereo Limiter For Mac and Windows

TBProAudio releases LA xLimit



MESSE 2015: Wireless Controlled Effects Pedals From Norway (Demo)

Control your effects when away from your pedal board

Guitar Pedalboards From The Cloud

Positive Grid announces BIAS FX

Keeley Releases Ideal Pedal For Shoegazers

Soujourner Fuzz Verb combines fuzz and reverb in a single stompbox

MESSE 2015: New Marshall Astoria Amps On Video

We get the low down on the new line from Britain's most famous amp company

MESSE 2015: New EBS Bass Combos

Magni 500 bass combo series are based on the Reidmar amp design



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The show is officially open

2 MESSE 2015: Live Blog Day 3 Tech

Synths and beards possibly

3 MESSE 2015: Live Blog Day 4 Tech

One last beer and off we go

4 MESSE 2015: Amped Live Blog Day 2

First official day

5 MESSE 2015: Roland System 100M Analog Modules

Made in conjunction with Malekko


MESSE 2015: Live Blog Tech Day 1

Pre show sneak peaks

Did You Know That A 303 Can Write Its Own Melodies?

Oh the lovely little quirks of 30+ years old technology...

New Hardware Synth Is Proud To Be Digital

Modor NF-1 is now available

MESSE 2015: Amped Live Blog Day 1

What did we spot before the doors open?

Ever Wanted to Mix Reliably on Headphones?

Sonarworks Reference 3 plug-in does just that!

Podcast: Sonic TALK 399 - MESSE Roland, Pro Q 2

Speculation, Elka Synthex, Fab Filter EQ plug-in

New Korg Little Bits Modules

Synth range expanded

Propellerhead Announce Reason 8.2

Makes it easy to stay up to date and get many of your most requested features

More Videos

MESSE 2015: Slate Digital Raven Z3 Station 

Increase your workflow with the mother of all touch interfaces

Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synth Review 

Little package, big aspirations

MESSE 2015: 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator Updates 

The winner of the most creative module at NAMM gets updated

MESSE 2015: Malekko Modules for 2015 

Something that is not from Roland...