More Fender Guitar Amps Modelled

IK Multimedia and Fender announce Fender Collection 2 for AmpliTube

LA-2A Compression Revisited

Black Rooster Audio says their VLA-2A for Mac and Windows is the world's finest emulation

Polyphonic iOS Synth

iceGear Redshrike is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with a resonator

Korg Debuts iKasossilator for Android

Is this the start of a new era for Android?

AI Synthesis Releases A New Module

Looping Envelope Generator is available as a fully built module or in kit forms



Korg Wavestation For iPhone And iPad

Create sounds with time-varying timbre, on your mobile device with iWAVESTATION

Plug-In Treats Cymbal Bleed In Tom Tracks

Joey Sturgis Tones introduces Tominator

Plug-in Resurrector Updated

Sound Radix 32 Lives 32- to 64-bit adaptor gets VST compatibility

New Cyclone TT-606 Drum Machine Clone Available

Get that classic Drumatix sound

Antares Acquires SoundSoap

Vocal processing specialist now has line of audio noise reduction products

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Sonic LAB: OB-6 Desktop Analog Poly Review

6 voices of Oberheim goodness

Sonic LAB: Softube Modular - Virtual Eurorack

Doepfer and Intellijel Emulations

The Big Elektron Analog Heat Video

We get a detailed look at the new analog processor from Elektron

MOST READ - this week

1 Special Waves Mine Modular MIDI Controller

Your very own modular expandable MIDI controller

2 New Cyclone TT-606 Drum Machine Clone Available

Get that classic Drumatix sound

3 Multitrack Playback From An iPad

App for live use supports all outputs of a connected audio interface

4 Minimoog Model D Discussed

Keyboardists give their first impressions in a new video

5 Credit Card-Sized Synth

Tiny TS has a 1-octave capacitive touch keyboard

6 New SSL DAW Controller Ships

Nucleus² is now available


Compact Bass Synth Is Now Shipping

Watch the MeeBlip triode in action in this new video

MPE-Compatible Keyboard Controller

Keith McMillen Instruments introduces Kickstarter campaign for the K-Board Pro 4

Learn Sh*t From Deadmau5 With New Online Course

Candid opinion and technique from JTZ and Masterclass

Podcast: Sonic TALK 472 MPC Live, Dr Who Sounds

Samsung Harman 8 bill, Adobe VoCo, Tim Exile S L O W

Kickstart An Analog Modular Synth

tangible waves AE modular is built around digital logic chips and a small module format

KRK Launches New V Series 4 Monitors

Four, six and eight inch nearfield models launched

MIDI Controller Coming To Kickstarter

Miclop Electronic posts their first video of Ctrl Boy

More Videos

Sonic LAB: Modal Craft Synth Review 

Budget DIY Mono is how much?

Sonic LAB: Novation Circuit Update 1.4 

New features transform the Circuit

Erica Synths Pico System Review 

It may be small but its got a lot to offer

Preview: Softube Modular Eurorack Emulation Plugin 

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