Flexible Portable Eurorack Systems - Matttech Modular 30/10/15

A workshop for beginners and verterans alike

How 8-Bit Sound Worked - Chip Tunes and Gamers Remember

You have no idea how fortunate we are..

Stockhausen's Soundtoys FX Rack

Simon, son of Karlheinz, shows the latest Soundtoys 5 plug-ins in action

Synthesizers.com Demo A New LFO Module

See the Q167 in action with their modular system

Imogen Heap Sounds For Kontakt

Soniccouture releases Box Of Tricks with a sampled selection of her instruments



A Refreshing Change From Mini Keys?

Future Retro teases us with their new touchplate keyboard

Moog Mother-32 In Action

Moog posts new performance videos showing a pair and a trio of synths

Turn Your Pocket Calculator Into A Music Maker

HoustonTracker 2 software offers 4 voice polyphony for Texas Instruments calculators

SPL Creon Ties Your Studio Together

New combined audio Interface and monitor controller hits the stores

Tomorrow Is Plugin Day

Waves will celebrate their birthday with contests, new presets and more

more guitar news..


Sonic LAB: Novation Launchpad Pro Review

New features and plenty of colour

Podcast: Sonic TALK 421 - MPC Touch, Mother 32, Circuit

Big week for releases, we take a look

Sonic LAB: MODOR NF-1 Digital Poly Synth

Dekstop hardware 8 voice with a twist

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash 3 Reverb Pedal

Analog and digital circuit verb

MOST READ - this week

2 Moog Mother-32 In Action

Moog posts new performance videos showing a pair and a trio of synths

3 Kickstarter Campaign For 32-Knob MIDI Controller

Knobtronix Knobbee 32 is a high resolution, ergonomic USB-MIDI controller

4 How Streaming Is Changing The Music Industry

Check out the infographic to see the results of recent research

5 Delay Plug-In Of Your Dreams

Unfiltered Audio Sandman is described as a a wormhole to the dreamtime states of your sounds

6 Noise Generator For Reaktor

Amazing Machines releases Colorful Noise for Reaktor Blocks


Roland Boutique Synths Are With Us

Limited edition recreations of Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and JX-3P officially launched today

Roland's Boutique Synths In Action

JP-08, JU-06, and JX-03 get a video demo

Desktop Sequencer For Modulars And MIDI

Fyrd Instruments releases the SQR Analog & MIDI sequencer

U-he Diva vs OB-8 Poly - Take The Test

Swan Audio Diva presets based on classic OB-8 voices

No More Minimoog Voyager

Moog ends production after 13 years - 600 final units to be built

Allen & Heath Launches Qu Chrome Mixers

Metallic finish and major new features

Connect 25 MIDI Devices Without Daisy-Chaining

Kenton's new THRU-25 puts 25 MIDI Thru ports in one box

Plug-In Promises An End To Writers Block

WaveDNA Liquid Music for Live is designed to produce original song ideas

More Videos

Modular Meets Leeds: Thonk DIY 

We talk to Steve at Thonk about the DIY Eurorack scene

Stekker 2015: Richard Devine - Live Rig Part 2 

Richard dives into the Circadian Rhythms new firmware

Sonic LAB: Boomstar Modular 4075 Filter 

Arp Lowpass Eurorack module

Stekker 2015: Colin Benders Modular Setup 

Mr Kyteman gives a performance and a rundown of the modular rig he used for performance at Modulation