Update: MAP1 arpeggiator from MAM


Buying Choices
The MAP 1 Arpeggiator doesn´t cost 250.- German Marks, as we said, it cost 398.- German Marks. Also because of internal changing within the company, did the URL and the adress of MAM change. Furthermore are the following products now directly from MAM available: (DM = German Marks) VF11 Vocoder (DM 896,-); MB33 Bass Synth (DM 444,-) and MB33II Bass Synth (DM 595,-); SQ16 Step-Sequencer (DM 765,-); RS3 Resonator, Stereo Filter (DM 495,-); Warp9 MIDI Space Filter (DM 595,-); MAP1MIDI Arpeggiator (DM 398,-); SLM82 Stereo Line Mixer (1HU/19") (DM 249,-); SLE82 like SLM82, but additionally 1 Effectway per channel (DM 299,-); MLM62 Microphone Line Mixer (DM 379,-); PA100 Studio Amplifier, 2x50W, 1HU (DM 449,-); HP48 4/8time Headphoneamplifier (DM 349,-); DI16 16time DI-Box, 1HU/19" (DM 299,-). The adress of the MAM-homepage is: http://www.mam-germany.com/. Further information from: MAM GmbH Felix-Klein-Straße 75a 91058 Erlangen Tel.: 09131-694450 Fax: 09131-694453 Submitted by Tom Finegan


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