Pulsar Second Edition and new SCOPE from CreamWare


During the Musikmesse 2000 in Frankfurt/Germany, CreamWare will introduce the further development of the successfull Pulsar DSP system for Windows & Mac. Pulsar II based on a new, stronger DSP-card and contains the software version 2.0 for Windows and Mac. The new PCI-card Pulsar II has six SHARC DSPs from Analog Devices. Compared with the predecessor it has now 50% more computing power. Pulsar II also has now an independent S/TDM-bus, with which the Pulsar II can be integrated now with other cards out of the SCOPE-family without any problems. The connections are flexibel. The Pulsar II offers 20 I/Os (Stereo-analog, Stereo-S/PDIF and 2 ´ ADAT) as a basicequipment. The AD/DA convertion will be done by 24Bit/96kHz. Alternatively a 24-I/O daughterboard can be used, which contains three ADAT-interfaces. Further I/O-boards are planned. Pulsar II User, who register via internet during a special period of time, get as a bonus the new Modular Synthesizer V2 for free. The Modular Synth V2 is also available for all user of the Pulsar 1 for a price of 99.- (German Marks) at the CreamWare Online Shop. The softwareversion 2.0 will be available also for older Pulsar-system as a free Update, and will be delivered in May 2000. The price for the Pulsar II will be 2798.- (German Marks) CreamWare will also introduce in Frankfurt a new high-end-product out of the SCOPE-family: Scope /SP. It consists out of a PCI-card with 15 SHARC DSPs and a softwarepackage for synthesis, sampling, effects, mixing and other tasks. SCOPE is an autonomous system, which can be used as a "huge plug-in" thanks to his complete drivers in direct connection with sequencing and recording software, but also can be used as stand-alone in its own computer - conventional connected through MIDI and audio with the rest of the studio. The standard I/O interface of Scope /SP are three digital ADAT-interfaces, as well as MIDI-, WordClock- and an ADAT-9-pin-interface. SCOPE /SP makes possible a parallel use and free choice connection of uncountable software-plug-ins without the typical host-limitations like performance and latence, thanks to his strong DSP-engine. SCOPE /SP contains more than a dozen of different synthesizer (virual analog, FM, drum-synths) and sampler (AKAI compatible) as well as a complete modular synthesizer system. The exact softwareequipment will be announced by CreamWare at appearance of the system. It is said for sure, that all from Pulsar known synthesizer, as well as a further developed version of the STS-4000 sampler will be included. SCOPE /SP for Windows and Mac available 2. Quarter 2000 for under DM 10,000.- (German Marks) (5,112.92 Euro) Submitted by Tom Finegan

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