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Insiders already know it. The german company Access-Music has put up, a little bit hidden on their website(, click on "download" and look for "preliminary information"), some information about their new products, they are going to announce on the Musik Messe in Frankfurt/Germany. The new Virus Indigo will come a long as a silverish Virus b with a short 3 octave keyboard, black knobs and blue LEDs and LC-display. This new extremely good looking toy will come along already with the also new OS V4.0 (also available for Virus b/kb). The main technical specs are shortly: 24 Voices, 512 sounds, 4 Oscillators (three main plus one Sub), Sawtooth, variable Pulse, Sine, Triangle waves + 62 additional Spectral Waves, 2 independent Filters per voice (LP, HP, Bandpass, Bandreject), 3 LFOs, 2 ADSR, 16 independent Arpeggiators, 82 simultaneous DSP-Effects, Full 24bit processing (24bit D/A, 18bit A/D), 2 individual inputs and 6 Outs. The new Virus rack (also in silver but with the usual green LC-display) has pretty much the same technical specs, with the following differences: Only 3 Oscillators per voice (two main plus one Sub) and only 4 Outs. Access will deliver the rack with a light version of EmagicĀ“s Sounddiver. They also announced that there will be a hardware upgrade for the Virus rack up to the full functions of the Virus Indigo. More details and price on the Frankfurter Musik Messe, 12 April to 16 April. Submitted by Tom Finegan


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