Big Brother hit by Virus

it's even on Sonic State      09/09/00

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Is there no getting away from the show that regularly draws five million UK viewers of an evening, and, on Friday 8th September, prompted 3.3m addicts to vote Mel out? Big Brother. Oh yes. Though, we hear in the US, Survivor was more popular. Though - have to say, guys - your version of Millionnaire with Regis *sucks*. Which is not the point. I'm rambling. Sorry. Anyhow, the snarly dance/trance theme heard at the beginning and end of each programme (Element Four, by Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray) has this week gone straight into the UK singles chart at No.4. And according to Germany's Access Music, Gray, the music's composer says, "90% of the synthesizer sounds used in the song were created using a Access Virus TDM plug-in driven by a Digidesign Pro Tools Mix System." Gray hopes to see his dance/trance theme top the UK singles.


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