Micro-Q joins Waldorf wall of fame

Q, Q, Barney McGrew...      27/10/00
Waldorf has announced the release of a 'little brother' to the Q and Q-Rack, the Micro-Q Polyphonic Virtual Analog Synthesiser. The Micro-Q gives you up to 25 voices - 75 with the expansion board; 300 sounds, 100 multis and 20 drum maps; and is 16-part multi-timbral. There are six outputs (3x stereo) plus a headphone socket on the front; two inputs for external filtering; and naturally enough,MIDI in/out/thru. The 2U 19-inch rach is 95% compatible with the Waldorf Q, and is packed with oscillators, effects, LFOs and all that synthy stuff we love. (All right, here's the lowdown:
  • Osc types: pulse, sawtooth, triangular, sine, 2 wavetables with 128 waves each - in total 260 waveforms available in the Micro-Q
  • Up to 5 oscillators: 3x analog or wave, sync, 3x pwm, 3x fm, plus up to 2x sub-osc
  • Up to 2 filters: each one of 12/24 db low/band/highpass and notch, comb+ or comb-
  • Five effects in multi-mode; FX types: vocoder, reverb, phaser, chorus, flanger, distortion and more
  • 25-band high-quality stereo vocoder usable for intelligible speech
  • Three LFOs
  • Four envelopes with various envelope modes
  • 16 arpeggiators) UK suggested retail price is £629.95; in the US, we don't know. $800? This info came from our pals at the UK distributor, Arbiter, you see... www.waldorf-gmbh.de


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