Emagics' AudioWerk8: Final Run Deal

High-quality digital audio hardware to be bundled with 'Logic Surround' Software      28/11/00

The Audiowerk8 and Audiowerk8 Home Studio Kit were both discontinued three months ago but following international demand for more of these popular cards, Emagic has produced one final production run. This is being bundled with new software as the Audiowerk8 Surround Kit. The Audiowerk8 Surround Kit is an integrated Surround Sound-capable software and hardware solution for Windows 98/Me and Mac OS. 'It is a great entry-point into the Emagic software and hardware system for many users whilst also offering Surround mixing capability at a new price point,' says the company. 'It is an ideal software and hardware combination for schools and colleges.' To take advantage of the hardware's eight discrete outputs, the software features 16 stereo audio tracks, real-time DSP effects and an integrated stereo sample editor. In addition there's a virtual mixing console, linked real-time editors, high timing resolution, real-time quantization and AVI or QuickTime movie support. Importantly, the Logic Surround software supports Emagic's optional EXS-24 software sampler. Audiowerk8 is a 7-inch PCI Recording card with two analogue inputs and 8 discrete analogue outputs plus S/PDIFdigital I/O. Suitable for both Windows 98/Me and Mac systems, the Audiowerk8 is equipped with PCI busmastering technology to both reduce the load on a computer's CPU and ensure optimal audio performance. The included Logic Surround software is based on MicroLogic AV v4.5 but with the Surround functionality taken from Logic Audio Platinum and the ability to address all 8 outputs of the Audiowerk8 independently. Compatible with Emagic's EXS24 sampler and ES1 synthesizer, Logic Surround also supports VST plugins and VST2.0 instruments. All current Surround formats are supported with up to 8 channels. The balance between speaker outputs is determined by positioning the pan-object within the surround field. Surround format 7.1, for example, displays seven loudspeaker symbols. Final mixes can be bounced internally to new stereo files for CD mastering, or bounced in Surround format for Surround mastering houses. The Audiowerk8 Surround Kit is available for a limited time only while stocks last priced at the same price as the old Audiowerk8 only package: £349 RRP. Web: www.soundtech.co.uk

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