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Jolly pleased with his MSP10 Monitors      25/05/01

Grammy Award Winner Elliot Scheiner Makes Yamaha MSP10 Monitors His Speakers of Choice for 5.1 DVD Audio Surround Mixing Grammy Awards winning engineer/producer , Elliot Scheiner. has worked over the course of his career with such talented artists as The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Sting, John Fogerty, Van Morrison, and Bruce Hornsby. Most recently, he had the opportunity to mix the new IMAX film All Access in surround sound. Making its debut in April, film footage includes Sting, Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crowe, Macy Gray, Kid Rock, Moby, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Al Green, and Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20). He has recently made the new Yamaha MSP10 powered monitors his speakers of choice for surround mixing. Scheiner says he’s only used three different types monitors over the course of his career, the first being Visonics, who have since gone out of business, followed by Yamaha NS10s, and KRKs. “I’ve pretty much stuck with the NS10s, but as good a workhorse as they are, with surround sound, you need to use something that’s a little more pleasant to listen to. So, I ended up using the KRKs for surround mixes, until I had the chance to use the new Yamaha MSP10s.” Just completing Hotel California in 5.1, Scheiner said he noticed a huge difference using the Yamaha MSP10s. “When I first used them on the PBS special, I also had NS10s there, and when I moved the mix over to the MSP10s, the balancing and the sound translated very well. In the past when I would switch from the NS10s to other manufacturers speakers, the relationship was not nearly as great. The MSP10s relate better to what I do on the NS10s. As a powered speaker, they offer infinitely more low end. A lot of engineers doing 5.1 feel a sub woofer isn’t needed since you get more low end through active speakers like the Yamaha speakers.” A glowing endorsement indeed. For more information:
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