SampleTank Rated Highly

Keyboard Writers vote it top 20      29/05/01
Keyboard magazine have bestowed a top 20 "best of the best" of NAMM award to SampleTank, the VST compatible sampler synth engine. The software combines a sophisticated sampler/synth engine with high quality multisampled sounds, into a VST instrument and comes with 2.5GB of samples. You can grow this collection to include Akai (S1000/3000)samples as SampleTank can import these. Features:
  • Up to 450 high-quality multisampled banks included, for 2.5GB of samples
  • Huge sounds variety (including: acoustic and electric basses, brass solo and sections, natural/electronic/analog drum kits, percussions, acoustic and electric guitars, grand/acoustic/electric /synthesized pianos, church and electric organs, ethnic instruments, full orchestra and orchestral elemenents, string solo and sections, vocal choirs, woods, winds, synthesized basses/leads/pads /effects, dance and ethnic loops)
  • Perfect integration with Cubase, Logic and any VST sequencer
  • 128 voices polyphony
  • 128 simultaneous instruments available
  • 32 bit floating point processing
  • Patent-pending RAM doubling sample play
  • 4 dynamic sound parameters
  • 4 insert effects selectable among 20 high quality DSP effects
  • Imports AKAI S1000/S3000 sound format
  • One-click sound loading
  • User friendly sounds organization with multiple folders/ multiple HDs
  • Sound search feature with user-defined categories There are several flavours of SampleTank

    SampleTank® XL ............ $499
    more than 450 top-quality sounds

    4 CDs - 2.5 GB of samples + AKAI® converter
    * 82 orchestral sounds
    * 77 electric sounds
    * 96 acoustic sounds
    * 199 electronic sounds
    Plays all native and converted sounds

    SampleTank® L ............ $249
    200 top-quality sounds

    2 CDs - 1.1 GB of samples
    * 42 orchestral sounds
    * 40 electric sounds
    * 54 acoustic sounds
    * 65 electronic synth sounds and loops
    Plays only the included sounds 

    SampleTank® DJ ............ $199
    200 top-quality sounds

    2 CDs - 880 MB of samples
    * 24 loop banks (more than 500 loops)
    * 143 synth and electronic sounds
    * 35 acoustic and electric sounds

    SampleTank is shipping now and can be purchased on-line.

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