Metasonix Clean Up With Vacuum Tube Modules

Two new offerings from the Californian Synth Boffin      06/08/01

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In a flurry of productivity, Metasonix the company that hand builds analog tube synths and modules (amongst other things) has announced two new products: The TM-4 stereo vacuum-tube amplifier and the TM-1 Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper and Ring Modulator. TM-1 Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper and Ring Modulator

According to Eric Barbour, the boffin behind these creations:
"It's like an alien technology! The TM-1 uses an all-vacuum-tube circuit which is unlike any other. Because it is unique, its sounds are unlike those produced by ANY other audio effect, past OR present. (Except for our award-winning TS-21 Hellfire Modulator, upon which the TM-1 is based.) Because this design is new to the music world, it takes some explaining. It's not a filter, nor is it a simple distortion box (though it can introduce clipping distortion if desired), nor is it a "waveshaper" in the same terms as the Serge (tm) waveshaper seen in modular synthesizers. " The TM-1 contains three tubes:
  • making sounds ALIEN. Massive, thick, aggressive distortions and modulations.
  • Perfect for electronic music studios, dance music, and for guitarists wanting something really different.
  • for sound examples, go to Retail price in the USA: $399. The TM-4 stereo vacuum-tube amplifier.

    The TM-4 is believed to be the smallest tube amplifier ever offered to the public. The TM-4 produces about 1 watt per channel peak power, enough to drive either headphones or high-efficiency speakers. Adapters and speaker cables are included to allow its use with consumer-audio or professional equipment. And it can even be rackmounted using our optional TM-M kit and appropriate rails. It fits right into an MOTM modular synthesizer or into any modular cabinet having a 5U-high standard size. (Unlike every other tube amplifier ever made.) The TM-4 uses one 6BM8 tube per channel. The 6BM8 is such an excellent audio tube that there is an audio club in Japan dedicated to its use. The tubes are completely enclosed in the cabinet, making it safe to use around small children or pets. The round window displays the 6BM8 tubes, showing them in operation. So far as we know, no other firm in the world is making such a small and portable tube amplifier. Specifications:
  • Power output: approx. 1 watt peak into 8 ohms per channel at 5% distortion.
  • Max input sensitivity 0.2 volts for full power output.
  • Frequency response +-3dB, 70 Hz to 35 kHz.
  • Power input 10v AC to 12v AC, 50/60 Hz 1 amp at idle--derived from an appropriate plug-in AC adapter. Use of an AC adapter to suit local AC mains power allows use of the TM-4 anywhere in the world.
  • Inputs: separate phone jacks for audio; unit includes RCA-to-phone adapters.
  • Outputs: two headphone jacks, 1/8" and 1/4" phone, plus separate phone jacks for each speaker output.
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" (192mm) x 4 3/8" (112mm) x 3" (77mm).
  • Weight not including accessories approx. 5 pounds (2.2 kg). Retail price in the USA: $399.


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