PowerPulsar Flexes DSP Muscles

Creamware's new mid price DSP Board      17/09/01

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The new PowerPulsar SHARC DSP Music Production System for PC and Mac boasts a significant increas in DSP power over Pulsar II and adds a suite of extra software modules. PowerPulsar is based on the same hardware as the high-end SCOPE /SP system which features fifteen 32-bit SHARC DSP chips - making it the most powerful audio board available today - Pulsar II has 6 DSPs. This enormous amount of DSP power is available for use by the production tools included with the software package, or by any optional plug-ins you add later. The software supplied with PowerPulsar is Version 3.0 - the same software provided with Pulsar II. Among other things, Version 3.0 contains:
  • A professional 24/48 channel mixing console for both internal and external sound sources
  • More than 60 high-quality DSP effects, including the outstanding MasterVerb reverb
  • The STS-3000 studio sampler - high polyphony and full compatibility with the major libraries
  • A collection of innovative new synthesizers (based on virtual analog, FM, wavetable, and vector synthesis)
  • A complete modular synthesis system with more than 140 modules and 80 pre-patched synthesizers
  • Unrestricted signal routing in real time
  • An extensive collection of Ultra Low Latency drivers to integrate all standard audio programs under Windows and MacOS PowerPulsar comes in four I/O versions. Depending on the version, the system offers from 20 to 28 audio inputs and outputs in combinations of analog, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT, and Z-Link formats. PowerPulsar is available now. The "Classic 20" and "24ADAT" versions have a list price of Euro 2,449 net. The "Plus" and "Z-Link" versions are priced at Euro 2,549 net. More info:
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