Steinberg To Distribute Traktors

Native Instruments Traktor DJ that is..      22/11/01

The twin-deck TRAKTOR DJ software allows audio CDs, MP3 and WAV files to be played and mixed. Two interactive displays in the main window illustrate the individual tracks as graphical waveforms: music can therefore be "visually heard" in advance, allowing easy positioning of loops and identification of cue points.The software incorporates a full scope of modern DJing tools such as cross-faders, pitch control, automatic tempo and beat matching, resonant filters, EQs and kill switches. Together with the cue, loop and playlist section as well as other groundbreaking DJ functions, club-ready DJ sets can be produced in next to no time. Additionally, TRAKTOR DJ offers users a range of scratch presets that enable beat-synced scratches with full transport and cross-fade automation. Owners of vinyl discs therefore need not fear damaging their precious records while progressing to a scratch-master. TRAKTOR DJ turns the living room into a club Traktor DJ is above all suited as an ideal tool for mixing and remixing on the home PC. Through simply "learning by doing", even novices can easily create and record professional-sounding DJ sets. But this software is not limited to merely enabling individuals to produce their own custom-made arrangements. By exporting entire DJ sets and sending these via email, other Traktor DJ users can tinker with the mixes. Particularly practical is the possibility of mobile deployment. All the material required for a whole evening┬┤s set can be stored on a laptop computer, thereby relegating the carting-around of entire collections of vinyl for DJ engagements to a thing of the past. For an instant start, TRAKTOR DJ ships with 12 mixes from top DJs and 30 individual mp3s from in a variety of categories including Techno Trance, House, Hip Hop, Drum&Bass, and Downbeat. Vitaminic is Europe┬┤s leading digital platform for the promotion and distribution of music over the Internet. TRAKTOR DJ is distributed exclusively by Steinberg through their European retail channels. The software is in the stores now in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain for a retail price of 49.99 Euro and GBP 29.99 in the UK. For more information please go to:


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