WNAMM02: Behringer loads of goodies

How many (more than we've covered)      20/01/02

After searching round, entering what looked like a toilet, clambering up stairs we eventually got to the Behringer press conference. They provided the typical corporate info and then moved on to introducing new products.

The DDX3216 digital 32 channel mixer

Behringer have released a highly amitious digital desk. Although we've covered it before here this is the first time we've seen it in the flesh. The specs and features are nothing short of amazing. The pricing is keen as well (MSRP $1999). This mixer looks like it's going to take some beating. We're currently aiming to get our hands on one to review to check it sounds as good as it looks. Behringer have created a website just for the DDX3216 find it at www.ddx3216.com

DDX3216 features:
- 32 full-fledged channels, 12 mic preamps with analog inserts and switchable phantom power
- 16 busses, 8 aux sends and internal input/output patchbay for comprehensive routing options
- Fully featured dynamic and snapshot automation
- 17 100-mm motorized ALPS ® faders
- Compressor/limiter plus gate on all 32 channels
- 4-band fully parametric EQ, sweepable high-pass filter and phase reverse on all 32 channels
- Additional delay on channels 1-16
- Four simultaneously operable effects processors with dozens of first-class algorithms, accessible from all 32 channels
- Additional compressor/limiter (switchable pre/post) and EQ for stereo main mix
- Two option slots, three power-packed options for unlimited connectivity (16-channel ADAT ® , 16-channel TDIF, 8-channel AES/EBU)
- High-power floating point DSP technology (32-/40-bit) ensures virtually unlimited internal dynamic range
- 24-bit AKM ® A/D and CRYSTAL ® D/A converters
- Freely configurable level meters on all channels
- Channel controllers with LED rings control any of nine parameters, selectable per channel
- Four freely assignable analog outputs on balanced 1/4" TRS connectors
- Six master controllers with comfortable push-and-turn functionality
- Large, LCD display with adjustable contrast
- Synchronization via SMPTE, MTC or internal clock
- Dither, word length and noise shaping adjustable for digital main outputs
- MIDI and RS232 connectors allow communication with a PC or other devices
- Extensive MIDI implementation (MMC, program changes, control changes, MIDI sysex)
- PCM/CIA card slot for saving/loading various libraries and other settings

V-AMP2 virtual guitar amp

This is an update to the original VAMP. It provides additional amp and speaker simulations. The SNR performance has been increased by 12dB over the previous model. The price has been maintained to that of the V-AMP1 ($199). Good news for owners of the original, they can update to the new system through a free firware update (available at www.behringer.com). We were treated to long and cheesey demo of the V-AMP by Ian Crichton (from Saga?) who enjoyed it more than we did.

New VMX DJ Series mixers

VMX100 - budget mixer, 2 dual stereo ins, 1 mic in, 2 band kill EQ, assignable level meter, BPM counter

VMX200 - as 100 but adds 3 band kill EQ per channel and 3D stereo surround effect.

VMX300 - as 200 and adding an extra stereo input channel and metering on input channels

The VMX range is going to be keenly priced (VMX100 - $119, VMX200 - $179, VMX300 - $239). They have additional features to those listed above, check out www.behringer.com for full details.

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