WNAMM02: Emagic - It's Logical Captain

Space age stand shows off a brace of Logic Control surfaces + Logic 5.0      24/01/02

Ok, so I'm a little biased toward Logic - I've been using it for years now and am still well impressed by it's features. I was looking forward to getting a proper look at the Logic 5.0/ Control Surface combination. Emagic had a big stand with just that. Each station featured an enormous Control Surface with several expansion units and giant LCD Cinema displays. There were both Mac and PC versions, PC running stably (I'm told) on Windows XP. The system really does appear to be very intuitive and integrates extremely well. Excellent feedback is provided with the generous LCD displaying parameters from plugins, eq, FX sends etc. There are also many dedicated buttons that can control screenset switching,zooming and other generally useful functions. One unit requires one midi port, both in and out, so if you're hoping for a massive setup you'll need the interface to handle it. It looks like we'll have to wait just a little longer than the announced 17th Jan till we can see the package in the shops, as both are now scheduled to ship end of January. There several new plugins shipping with Logic 5.0 so you are getting more than just an upgrade for your money (final upgrade pricing TBC). The dongle is USB which may be a problem for a few users, though I somehow think that most older systems may not not have the necessary power to get the most from this software anyhow. It should be possible to add a PCI USB interface card to those systems without. Some of you, like me, may have been wishing for the grouping of audio tracks for more controlled and precise editing (try manipulating 8 tracks of drums without a slip up!), I was assured that this will be forthcoming - the Logic Control Surface even has a group button so expect it very soon. I personally can't wait to get hold of a review unit. Logic 5 New Features For a full list: go here
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