New Mackie Control Supports Many DAWs

Soundscape, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Cubase SX, and other popular DAW software.      24/07/02

Not wishing to leave those who don't use Emagic's Logic 5 out in the cold, Mackie have announced a new Muli-DAW version of their much heralded Logic Control. It's a smart move, the Logic Control is seen by many to be the best of the bunch. So now it's possible for many other DAW packages to benefit from the Mackie touch. I wonder if Emagic will support it too? Press Release
Mackie Control supports software integration for a growing family of DAWs that currently includes Soundscape 32 by Mackie Broadcast Professional, Nuendo and CubaseSX, by Steinberg, and Digital Performer by MOTU. Support is coming soon for CoolEdit Pro by Syntrillium Software, SONAR 2 by Cakewalk and many others. In addition, Mackie Control has been pre-mapped to enable power-user functions by many of the supported DAWs, and is the first to offer DAW-specific Lexan overlays allowing users to take advantage of these functions. Each of Mackie Control s eight channel strips includes a 100mm optical, touch-sensitive motorized fader, mute, solo, and record arming buttons, signal LED, a channel select button, and a V-Pot that can be used to control panning, send levels, EQ, dynamics, and other DSP plug-in modules. The eight channels can be bank-switched to control as many channels as the user-selected software supports. Various software parameters are displayed on a back-lit LCD screen that provides channel metering and track naming in addition to DSP and dynamics parameters. Mackie Control also supports a full automation assignment section, editing shortcut buttons, undo, redo, and save buttons, as well as modifiers that offer multiple functionality for specific commands. Complete navigational control is provided in a tape-style transport with jog/shuttle wheel, loop I/O points, and timeline quick jump buttons. For those customers needing more than nine faders, the Mackie Control Extender is a channel extension add-on option for the Mackie Control. Slightly narrower than a full Mackie Control, the Mackie Control Extender has all the channel strip features of the Mackie Control, without the master section. Multiple Extenders can be used with a single Mackie Control to emulate a large-scale control surface with as many faders and pots as desired. "Mackie Control and Mackie Control Extender are the most versatile and integrated control surfaces available today", commented Keith Olsen, Corporate Director, Global Recording Market and Product Development at Mackie Designs Inc."We worked with industry-leading DAW manufacturers to make it extremely easy to set-up and configure. Every Mackie Control ships with a variety of Lexan overlays, designed to personalize the controller for the customer s music production program. The overlays fit right over the master section, dedicating the section to key, software-specific control functions. It s just that easy." Pricing and availability TBC

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