M-Audio's Sporty New MIDI I/Face

Bus-powered multi-port USB MIDI interface is ideal for use with laptops      21/10/02

M-Audio continue to expand their range with great gusto - it's not surprising they were ranked the fastest growing music industry company in the past two consecutive years by Music Trades magazine. The USB MIDISPORT, their latest release ia a compact multi-port MIDI interface for USB-equipped PC and Mac computers. It's bus-powered, making it perfect for use with laptops. Two separate 16-channel input ports allow systems to accept up to 32 discrete MIDI input channels, while four individual 16-channel output ports can address up to 64 discrete MIDI output channels. The unit includes MIDI activity indicators for each port. MIDISPORT 2x4 s independent bus architecture lets users go beyond the MIDI spec s limit of 16 channels. Direct connection of MIDI devices also helps eliminate the sluggish timing delays inherent in daisy-chaining MIDI devices via MIDI Thru ports. USB MIDISPORT s high-speed USB connection to the computer assures reliable, immediate MIDI transfers. Installation is true plug-and-play with no computer disassembly, no jumpers to set, no I/O addresses, IRQ s or DMA channels to configure. Expansion is just as easy just plug in additional MIDISPORT units for more MIDI ports. USB MIDISPORT ships with drivers for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, as well as Mac OS 9.1 and higher (including OS X) and OMS. The package also includes a 6 USB cable. Like all USB MIDISPORT products, USB MIDISPORT 2x4 carries a lifetime warranty. "Our goal for the USB MIDISPORT line has always been to offer our customers a wide variety of configurations to suit any need", says Aubrey Parsons, M-Audio s UK Marketing Manager.
"We are seeing more and more musicians who want to make music anywhere, anytime and the USB MIDISPORT 2x4 s bus-powered design makes it perfect for laptops. By addressing 32 input channels and 64 output channels, USB MIDISPORT 2x4 also has the perfect architecture for musicians who need to break the 16-channel barrier. And while the port configuration is new, the unit uses the same bulletproof technology that has brought the entire Midiman line to prominence. "
  • www.m-audio.com USB MIDISPORT 2x4 will be available by the end of October with a suggested MSRP of £89.00


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