NAMM: Cakewalk Hit Reason With Project5

Software composition and synthesis environment takes it higher      22/01/03

Cakewalk's big story this year has been the release of Project5, their Soft Synth Workstation which takes the concept of Propellerheads' Reason to "much further" with the inclusion of an open environment where ASIO, DX, MFX, ReWire, WDM VST technology can be used to expand your workplace. The Windows only software features:
  • Studio Quality instruments and effects
  • Pattern-based sequencers and processors
  • ACIDTM compatible audio looping tools
  • Real-time, live performance features Shipping March 2003 at an expected street price of around $279 US PSYN - Virtual Analog Synth
    PSYN (pronounced "sine") models a full-featured subtractive synthesizer, giving you access to classic analog sounds of the 70s and the evocative new sounds of today. Includes multiple filters, oscillators, envelope generators, and LFOs. Features a modulation matrix for tempo sync; ring modulation and FM synthesis; 64-note polyphony; parameter automation; more. DS-684 - Digital Sampler
    Multi-format digital sampler with ample manipulation capabilities and pristine audio fidelity. Features 8 layer / 64 voice polyphony; sample editing with effects; multiple resonant filters and envelope generators; 8 audio outputs for effects processing; parameter automation; key mapping; velocity zones; support for Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, Sound Fonts 2, WAV, AIF, and proprietary sample formats. nPulse - Analog modular drum Synthesizer
    Classic TR style sounds and more with 12 customizable synth voices and 5 outs and more Velocity - Drum Sampler
    This multi-timbral drum sampler provides 18 polyphonic voices with up to 32 velocity-layered samples. Offers precise sample editing with effects; 5 stereo outputs; and full parameter automation. Supports WAV, AIF, LM4, and proprietary format sample formats. Cyclone DXi - Groove Sampler
    A 16-part, ACID™-compatible groove sampler, composition tool, and loop editor. Trigger loops in real-time following the tempo and pitch changes of your project. Tweak individual slices of loops, and even combine parts of multiple loops. P-SEQ™ — Pattern Sequencer
    A flexible pattern sequencer with "piano roll" style editing that superimposes track automation with note data. Offers step- and real-time recording. Click a pattern and the synth and related parameters for the pattern appear. Having everything at your fingertips makes creating, editing, and mixing faster than ever. Synchron32™ — Analog Style Step Sequencer
    Accurately models and expands upon analog hardware step-sequencing. Quickly generate patterns and trigger synths, and trigger patterns in real-time from MIDI devices. Provides control over pitch; rhythmic duration with shuffle; tempo sync; per-step flam, legato, bends; polyphonic mode; multiple-banks for pattern presets; more. ACID™-compatible loop integration
    Click and drag to roll out tracks using ACID™-format loops that match your project tempo and pitch changes. Features automatic beat matching, flexible time stretching/pitch shifting, and support for multiple loops per track.

    Catch more details on the Cakewalk Website

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