MESSE: Nord Modular G2 Unveiled

Clavia announces the next generation of modular synthesis:      03/03/03

MESSE: Nord Modular G2 Unveiled
G2- the guardian of modular soft synthesis?

Clavia recently announced that they were stopping development of the popular Modular platform, to much disappointment although it did suggest that something new was in the pipeline. Well clearly it was. The new Modular Generation 2 (G2) sees Nords Modular concept taken futher. The new system brings a totally new performance based hardware keyboard unit (housing the DSP to power the system) plus numerous new software features with the Modular G2 Patch Editor. The G2 offers fully assignable Modulation wheel, Pitch Stick and Rotary Encoders to turn, bend and tweak. The 4 separate LCD displays on the front panel give an excellent overview on your patch creation. In fact, the ultra-flexible user interface of the G2 takes real-time editing to a higher level. The G2 offers unique features like: Rotary encoders with circular LED graphs (the LED graphs instantly show the correct values of the parameters you choose); Programmable Parameter Pages (which guide you in your sound editing work and patch creation); Performance Mode (which make it possible to set up your own thrilling multi-patches from the 4 individual synthesizer Slots on the G2). Last, but not least, the fantastic Morph capabilities on the G2 offer enormous sonic variations. The G2's 8 Morph Groups per patch let you control sets of parameters from single internal control sources - and via MIDI. Nord Modular G2 features
  • Hundreds of different types of flexible modules including Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes, Vocoder, Physical Modelling, Reverb, Delay, Frequency Shifter, Sequencers, synchable LFOs etc, etc.
  • Instant access to 80 patch parameters from the synth front panel makes it a breeze to tweak your sounds in real-time!
  • 8 Morph Groups per patch which lets you control sets of parameters from single control sources (Mod Wheel, Pitch Stick, Keyboard Velocity, After touch, Control Pedal etc.)
  • Performances (multi patch set-ups)
  • USB connection between G2 and PC Editor for super-tight real time communication
  • 4 separate Audio Ins plus an XLR Mic input with built-in preamp makes the Nord Modular G2 the perfect sound processor.
  • 4 separate Audio Outs
  • 10 editable and storable parameter presets (variations) per patch let you use each separate patch as a unique synthesizer.
  • Self-optimizing modules offer bigger patches and greater polyphony
  • Intelligent ”module replace” functionality with preserved cable connections
  • Multiple Undo functionality in the Modular G2 Editor
  • The Modular G2 Editor can control up to 4 separate Nord Modular G2 synthesizers simultaneously
  • 3-octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, Mod Wheel and Pitch Stick
  • Internal RAM for Reverb and Delay effects, Physical Modelling and more
  • Freely assignable Mod Wheel, Pitch Stick and Pedal inputs
  • Large internal memory for storing Patches and Performances (multi patches)
  • Extremely compact patch file size (2Kb) for easy sharing
  • 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz internal processing for highest possible sound quality
  • 24-bit, 96 kHz ADCs and DACs
  • Lightweight and very portable Nord Modular G2 Engine The Nord Modular G2 will also be available as a 19”, 1 unit high, rack mountable synthesizer - the Nord Modular G2 Engine. It comes without the hardware user interface, pedal and mic inputs. Connect the Nord Modular G2 Engine via the USB port to the PC and do all your editing from from the PC Patch Editor. Pricing: USD/Euro: 2,199.-
    Nord Modular G2 Engine: USD/Euro: 999.- Shipping: June 2003

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