MESSE03: Asia Man Tickles CreamWares Noah

Asia's Geoff Downes sings Noah's praises.      13/03/03


MESSE03: Asia Man Tickles CreamWares Noah
Geoff n' Noah hanging out

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We didn't get a chance to get near the Creamware stand at NAMM, there were too many Asia fans crowding out the booth to see keyboard wiz Geoff Downes do his thing on the Noah. At the MESSE this time however, we managed to grab Geoff at a quiet moment to tell us why he reckons Creamware's DSP packed Noah module works so well for him. The Noah platform was on show at last year's MESSE although the innards were not fully developed. Essentially Noah, takes the DSP power from other CreamWare products (SCOPE Fusion Platform) and fits them into a rackmount unit. Creamware have been developing software instruments for some time now with their Sharc DSP powered Scope, Pulsar and Luna PCI cards. Noah works in standalone mode or in conjunction with a host PC (or Mac) via USB with very low latentcy due to it's on board DSP power. Noah instruments can be accessed from any desktop or laptop computer via plugins within Noah's remote software. Noah instruments are also available as plugins in VST-mode for Creamware's Scope Fusion Platform series products such as Luna II, Pulsar II, PowerPulsar, SCOPE /SP. Noah comes with six virtual instruments:
  • Minimax - an accurate recreation of the MiniMoog
  • B-2003 - Drawbar organ simulation
  • Vectron Player - Inspired by the legendary Prophet VS vector synthesizer
  • Lightwave - wavetable synthesizer with 128 waves, two filters and a flexable mod matrix
  • Six-String - physically modelled guitars
  • Pro-One - another classic mono-synth model There was a MINI Minimoog MIDI controller that some enterprising soul made to control the virtual one - it was a real work of art.
    See the MINI MiniMax
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    There's also a high end effects section with more than 40 algorithms, including reverbs, vocoder, filterbank and mod effects. External signals can be processed from it's audio inputs. Noah features stereo analog ins and outs, with 8 more outputs on ADAT and can handle two simultaneous instruments, whereas the new Noah EX expands the DSP power to run up to four. Expected for shipping in April 2003, Noah's preliminary pricing is set at: $2075 and $2525 for the EX

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