Reason 2.5 Ships Today

New effects and more.      09/05/03
Shown in beta form at the Musik Messe this year Reason 2.5 continues to keep up the high standards set in previous incarnations. Now you can get hold of the latest version as today it is finished. Upgrades are free to all registered Reason 2.0 users and is downloadable from the Props website:
  • Those of you that like to hold the real thing - you can order the CD from the Prop Shop for 29 euros/$ New Features in Reason 2.5 include:
  • RV7000 Advanced Reverb
    The RV7000 is a stereo effect module dedicated to high-quality reverberation with a quality rivaling the best hard- and software solutions on the market today. The reverb engine consists of nine carefully crafted algorithms: Small Space, Room, Hall, Arena, Plate, Spring, Echo, Multitap and Reverse, with up to seven individual parameters each. In addition to the reverb section, the RV7000 also includes an EQ and a gate section. The EQ section features a handy parametric eq and a low shelving filter for additional tweaking of the reverb signal. The Gate section can be applied to any reverb algorithm and can be triggered with CV or MIDI.
  • BV512 Digital Vocoder
    The BV512 Digital Vocoder is a 4 to 512 band vocoder capable of modulating sounds both in an old-school analog style and in a digital FFT fashion, with totally outstanding quality and character. As a bonus, it also serves as a fully automated graphic equalizer. A vocoder takes two input signals, the carrier, which provides the pitch, and the modulator, supplying the characteristics. This type of device is usually seen as a tool to create robotic voice effects, but with Reason's endless patching capabilities, you can combine any two sound sources. For example, vocoding a percussion track with the bass line or the string pad with the rhythm guitar.
  • Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
    The Scream 4 Sound is a distortion unit with 10 different damage types - Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Tube, Tape, Feedback, Modulate, Warp, Digital and Scream. In addition to the distortion section, Scream 4 also incorporates a +/- 18dB three band equalizer and the unique Body Section, which is similar to a speaker simulator. There are five basic Body types to select from - each with its own vibe - as well as separate controls for Body Resonance and Body Scale. The Auto function is an amplitude respondent envelope follower that controls the scale parameter, creating a unique dynamic effect.
  • UN-16 Unison
    The UN-16 Unison is a reincarnation of the ubiquitous "Unison' button found on early '80's synths. Transformed into a Reason half-rack unit, it fattens up incoming audio by emulating the effect of 4, 8, or 16 detuned voices playing the same sound. The result is rich and wide, slightly similar to a chorus effect, but more complex.
  • Spider Audio
    The Spider Audio is a utility that merges and splits audio, bringing even more of the hardware studio's patching capabilities into the software realm. Multiple audio signals can be merged and processed with the same insert effect or an instrument's output can be split into four and sent to four different effect processors.
  • Spider CV
    The Spider CV is the same as Spider Audio except that the splitting and merging is performed on CV and gate signals. The merge function comes with individual attenuators for each input and the split function also inverts one of the CV outputs. This opens up for advanced and flexible modulation and control routing.

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