M-Audio Release Sample CDs

ProSessions 14 CD Sound Library      21/05/03

M-Audio Release Sample CDs
M-Audio expanding into sounds - ProSession Sample Library

M-Audio once again live up to their fastest growing company in the MI biz title by releasing an all new ProSessions sample library. Accoriding to M-Audio, “ProSessions is a fresh new collection of affordable top-quality samples created by some of today’s top musicians, composers and producers.” The ProSessions library covers a wide variety of genres and styles including hip-hop, dance, pop, Latin, R&B, rap, drum & bass, techno, world beat and more. Designed with songwriters, producers and remixers in mind, each ProSessions sample features a top-quality recording, meticulously edited by hand for rock-solid professional timing and easy integration into other grooves. Each CD delivers over 400MB of world-class samples in multiple formats for today’s hottest Mac and PC software—AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV. The initial CD-ROM titles in the ProSessions Sound Library include:
  • James Galvez: Latin Element: Sizzling Latin loops of authentic instruments and rhythms
  • DJ Logickal: Sounds Logickal: A deviant library of raw, experimental abused synths and samples
  • James Galvez: Latin Street: Deep funky vibe packed out with pure Latin hip-hop and R&B nastiness
  • Chris Falson: Worldbeat Café: Full- and partial-mix grooves drawing from popular Latin percussion styles
  • Chris Falson: These Drums Are Loud: Natural pop/rock drums recorded and edited in sections with songwriting in mind
  • Neldome St.: Hydrosonix Disc 1: Incredibly diverse CD featuring a progressive mix of hip-hop, trip-hop and R&B
  • Neldome St.: Hydrosonix Disc 2: Dives even deeper into the world of trippin’, hippin’ and skippin’
  • 3RDEGREE PRODUCTIONS: Hella Bumps Disc 1: Fresh booty from the best of the hip-hop and rap skools
  • 3RDEGREE PRODUCTIONS: Hella Bumps Disc 2: Who says you can get too much of good thing?
  • Discrete Drums: World Rock & Percussion: Solid rock song sections from starmaker producers and engineers
  • Discrete Drums: R&B Drums & Percussion: Great collection of laid-back funky grooves presented in song sections
  • Diavola: Mechanically Separated: Reality is stranger than fiction with this edgy, moody industrial aberration
  • Bobby Wilks: Vector Field: Dangerous synths meet melodic outcries, twisted nature and psychoacoustics
  • Alex Tinsley: Electro Crash: Mixed blend of big-hair 80s attitude remixed with today’s hot sounds The ProSessions Sound Library will be available May 2003. Each title will retail for £35.00 MSRP./ $49.95 US
  • www.m-audio.com

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