Apogee - Portable 192kHz D/A Fits in Pocket

Another tiny addition to the Mini series      09/07/03
Apogee - Portable 192kHz D/A Fits in Pocket
Small but perfectly formed - Mini-DAC

The Mini-DAC augments the Apogee Mini-Series which began with its award winning, A/D companion Mini-Me, and offers the legendary Apogee quality for a vairety of applications such as: reference monitoring in professional recording studios, in the field, and as an upgrade to premium home and car audio systems. The Mini-DAC provides options and features that will please audio pros and DIY artists alike. For example, Digital-thru-mode gives Mini-DAC users the option of connecting virtually any 2-channel digital device (Rosetta AD, Trak2, Mini-Me) to their computer/DAW via Mini-DAC s optional USB. For Mac OS 10 users the Mini-DAC offers true plug and play setup with no driver required and ultra low latency. And for those seeking a professional portable studio solution the Mini-DAC and the Mini-Me is a combo that makes tracking anywhere a reality. Other features available with Mini-DAC are analog output level control, up to 192kHz sampling rates and multiple input and output options such as AES, optical, and S/PDIF. Mini-DAC at a glance:
  • Stylish, compact & portable 5.5 x 10 (1/3 rack width, with a 1U rack-mount kit available)
  • Inputs include AES (single & double wide) Optical (ADAT, S/MUX & S/PDIF), S/PDIF Coax, & and optional USB
  • Analog Output level control for direct connection of powered monitors
  • Low-current, low-voltage - ideal for location/ENG
  • Optional USB adds Digital thru mode functionality to any 2-channel digital device including Apogee's Mini-Me, Trak2 and Rosetta AD
  • Support for OSX Core Audio and USB drivers available for Windows XP and Mac OS 9.x For more information:
  • http://www.apogeedigital.com/minidac

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