SampleTank 2 Wows Sound Designers

Major new upgrade from IK Multimedia      06/08/03

After we saw IK at this years MESSE, we were treated to an sneak preview of IK Multimedia's SampleTank 2, heralded as a big leap forward from their already poplular SampleTank Sample software sound module. According to the folks at IK, "SampleTank(R) 2 has been completely redesigned to create the most advanced sample based sound workstation ever made: a unique, powerful plug-in with a wide range of exclusive, revolutionary features that set it apart from other samplers or sound modules, a giant step in sampling technology." And indeed, we've been hearing good things from those who know, including a major sample library developer. What makes SampleTank(R) 2 so special? Here's the short list:
  • 3 synth engines: exclusive STRETCH(tm) (SampleTank Time REsynthesys TeCHnology) and pitch-shift/time-stretch synthesis in addition to traditional resampling synthesis.
  • Lightning fast access to the richest, widest , most realistic sounds ever produced by software or hardware instruments
  • Thousands of native sounds already available, plus the ability to import unlimited WAV, AIFF, SDII, AKAI(R), and SAMPLECELL(R) files
  • More than 30 built-in award-winning effects
  • 16 multitimbral layerable parts
  • Full synth-sampler engine control
  • Zone editing, loop sync, portamento, keywords search, and loads more For detailed informations and audio examples you can go online here:
  • The product is expected to ship by the end of August. It will initially be available in 2 models:
  • SampleTank(R) 2 XL, 8CDs of sounds with 1.500 sounds and more than 4.5 GB of sounds, $/Euro 499
  • SampleTank(R) 2 L, 4CDs of sounds with 500 sounds and more than 2GB of sounds $/Euro 299 There will be 2 upgrades, all to SampleTank┬« 2 XL (must be a registered ST1 user to be eligible):
  • SampleTank┬« 1 DJ, L, XL* to XL 2 , 8CDs, $/Euro 249
  • SampleTank┬« 1 SE (002 bundle), LE to XL 2 , 8CDs, $/Euro 349 Plus IK Multimedia are offering a special free downloadable upgrade to SampleTank(R) 2 to all users having registered SampleTank(R) 1 DJ, L and XL it since 1st May 2003.


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