Emagic Release G5 Optimized Logic

Everything is super-nippy now      21/08/03

Emagic Release G5 Optimized Logic
Gratuitous G5 shot - nice eh?

I'm sure you'll have seen the bruhaha surrounding the announcment of Apples latest aluminum clad beauty. With 64-bit ready internal architecture and more emphasis than ever before on audio, it looks like it could be the dream machine for those of us who have stuck with Apple, and perhaps even those who'd like to jump. "The G5 is a dream machine for musicians," says Dr Gerhard Lengeling, Emagic co-founder and Chief Architect Audio Applications. "The introduction of the first 64 Bit desktop processor means a huge step towards an integrated computer-based native music production system. One that includes software instruments, composing and post-production tools. As a musician you will experience an incredible performance boost. Not only CPU-hungry plug-ins, obviously, but also those functions which require moving lots of audio data in RAM benefit greatly from the extremely fast new bus architecture." With a simultaneous release date, Emagic offers the first Logic version optimized for the world's first 64 Bit personal computer, the Apple Power Mac G5. As the update to Logic Platinum 6.2 is available on the same day as the G5 itself, Logic Platinum customers can profit immediately from the remarkable performance of Apple's new flagship computer. This new Logic Platinum version is available in the form of the Version 6.2 update, and is a requirement when running Logic on the G5. All registered owners of Logic Platinum 6.x can now find this as a free download at www.emagic.de. Musicians will experience a dramatic increase in both speed and performance when using the combination of Logic Platinum 6.2 and the G5. The ability to work on noticeably larger projects than ever before, including more software instruments, audio tracks and effects plug-ins, expresses more clearly than ever both the expanding potential of native music and audio production, as well as Emagic's and Apple's ongoing commitment to the professional creative community. Many aspects of audio applications will profit from the new G5 Frontside Bus; for example, especially when large amounts of audio data must be streamed, or moved in memory. This includes audio inputs and outputs plus audio busses within an application's internal mixer. In addition, Emagic's EXS24 software sampler and all effects plug-ins, such as Emagic's PlatinumVerb, will benefit markedly from the new bus architecture. Logic Platinum 6.2 also includes special performance optimizations for Power Mac G5 models with dual processors.
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