TC-Helicon Voice Processing For PowerCore

Intonater HS - features Hybrid Shifting dont ya know...      10/09/03

TC-Helicon Voice Processing For PowerCore
If anyone can Helicon can

TC-Helicon have announced their second Plug-In processor for the POWERCORE platform from TC Electronic. The Intonator HS (Hybrid Shifting) is a real-time pitch correction Plug-In that fixes intonation problems in vocals. This new Plug-In for the PowerCore platform utilizes the latest intonation correction technology found in TC-Helicon's hardware products and delivers very natural sounding results. Transparent and easy pitch correction, Hybrid Shifting(tm) algorithm for natural pitch shifting on large intervals and Vocal-trained pitch recognition algorithm for glitch-less shifting, is just some of the remarkable features that this Plug-in delivers. "The POWERCORE platform is one of the most exciting developments in years, and it's a natural place for the unique and revolutionary technology we have been developing at TC-Helicon" says Fred Speckeen, Managing Director and CEO of TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies. "The POWERCORE provides the power and performance required to meet the demands of our sophisticated vocal algorithms - both now and in the future thanks to its multi-processor design." The Intonator HS Plug-In enables anyone to produce perfectly pitched vocals. On top of that there is 48 correction scales as well as custom scales to intelligently correct tuning in many musical situations. The user interface has been designed with straightforwardness and ease-of-use in mind and the real-time pitch and processing displays enables quick overview and fast editing possibilities, saving producers hours of recording and editing time. For creative use the pitch correction range of +/- 600 cents establishes the possibility of forcing a melody to one note if preferred. Additionally, the innovative adaptive Low Cut Filter removes unwanted low frequency rumble and noise without a "thinning" of the voice. FEATURES
  • Latest generation TC-Helicon technology
  • Transparent and easy pitch correction
  • Hybrid Shifting(tm) algorithm for natural pitch shifting even on large intervals
  • Vocal-trained pitch recognition algorithm for glitch-less shifting
  • 48 correction scales as well as custom scales to intelligently correct tuning in many musical situations
  • Easy-to-use interface with visual feedback of input and corrected pitch
  • Adaptive-Lo Cut algorithm intelligently removes low frequency hums and rumbles SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
    Powercore PCI or Firewire with Powercore Software 1.7, VST or AU compatible sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Nuendo.

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