TC Electronic Spark Up

Spark XL 2.8.1 ships now.      11/09/03

TC Electronic Spark Up
Another bright Spark

The free update brings several enhancements and new features to users of Spark XL 2.8. "Spark XL has received several significant updates in 2003. The current release once again underlines our dedication to our user base", says Ralf Schluenzen, CEO of TC WORKS, the development team behind Spark. New features include support for burning multiple CDs from a single playlist, Audio Units plug-in support for the batch converter and automatic plug-in delay compensation for the playback cursor. Additionally, new user settings for the Preferences dialog has been added, as well as preloading-support for Waves' plug-in shell. On top of that optimizations in the FXMachine speed up the handling of Spark XL even more. "Third party support is very important to us", adds John Epperson, Spark's product manager. "By improving Audio Units and Wave's WaveShell support, we hope to give our users an ideal open environment." The update is available directly from
  • Feature changes from SPARK XL 2.8
  • Supports burning multiple CDs from a single playlist.
  • Audio Units plug-in support in the Batch Converter.
  • Mouse wheel and right click events in plug-ins and many controls supported.
  • Playback cursor in the main Edit window adjusted to compensate for plug-in delay.
  • Spark XL now offers even greater speed and ease of use, thanks to enhancements in the Play List handling.
  • Go to Previous View and, Go to Next View, in the FXMachine Menu allow the user to scroll to different plug-in views from the menu, and to use these commands as keyboard shortcut options.
  • New settings in the Preferences dialog:
  • "Restore zoom after Undo/Redo" option. This maintains the current zoom setting between undo/redo changes, allowing easier comparison to processed and unprocessed audio.
  • "Preload shell plug-ins on start-up" option in FXMachine preference panel, resulting in much better Waveshell. If this option is enabled, all Waves plug-ins appear in a subfolder called "Waveshell" without the Waveshell dialog popping up.
  • A new feature added to the FXMachine preferences allows to choose default VST plug-in knob mode (linear). FXMachine (plug-in) feature changes from Spark XL 2.8 FXMachine now supports our new application independent preset handling.
  • Mouse wheel and right click events support for plug-ins/controls.
  • FXMachine can now be used with Audio Units applications such as Logic. (functions as VST to Audio Units adapter. FXMachine does not host Audio Units plug-ins).
  • New MIDI options for send and receive: the options (selectable in the meter menu) get saved with the song or host preset. NOTE: a free demo of Spark XL 2.8.1 is available at the TC Electonic website.

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