FXpansion's New Acoustic Drum Module

Mix mics and grooves with new plug-in      06/10/03
FXpansion's New Acoustic Drum Module
Give the drummer AND the engineer some

BFD is a new acoustic drum plug-in module from Fxpansion based around a library of multi-mic recorded acoustic drum kits and individual loops, coupled with powerful disk streaming and interactive groove engines. In a nutshell, you can take a pre-recorded kit from the supplied library and balance the direct, overhead and room mics to suit your taste. MIDI groove templates are also supplied allowing you to mess with the feel and quantize of your beats. Main Features
  • Each drum is recorded through multiple mics – you can blend direct, overhead, room and PZM mics via a simple interface.
  • Easy compilation of new kits from a dedicated and straightforward interface - no hunting around for disks or samples; no complicated file management.
  • A powerful, versatile automated drummer and rhythm composer - with over 1000 ready-to-use grooves - in the form of the BFD Groove Librarian
  • Endlessly variable sound and feel thanks to BFD’s dynamic humanization technologies.
  • Compatibility with all the latest desktop DAW platforms - RTAS, VSTi, DXi, ReWire, AU and stand-alone on Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. BFD was recorded at a top LA recording studio by professional engineer Steve Duda (Nine Inch Nails, Pitchshifter, and A Perfect Circle) using the very best microphones - including original AKG C-12s - and preamps. Every drum hit is recorded using a seventeen mic multi-track setup positioned around the kit and room, even including above/below snare and in/out bass mics - you can mix your drums by blending the mic sources just like in a real studio. For unparalleled realism, each kit piece is sampled at 24 bit with up to 46 velocity layers and hit in a variety of different styles, resulting in drum parts of superior detail and expressiveness. In addition to the sound library, BFD also incorporates a comprehensive selection of 600+ ready-to-use MIDI grooves with different styles, feels and time signatures. The library features both programmed grooves and MIDI recordings of real drummers including top UK session drummer Chris Dagley (Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton). BFD’s interactive Groove Librarian provides an intuitive, yet powerful, front-end to these MIDI grooves - it can act as both an auto-accompaniment “drum machine”, and a customizable, interactive drum composer with the ability to import custom MIDI files. BFD is available direct from FXpansion for $299 / €299 / £199, and can be ordered on-line from their Web site. For more information, visit
  • http://www.fxpansion.com/bfdflash.html


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