AES03:OpenLabs OpenSynth Now 64-bit

All in one CPU and workstations get beefy AMDs      13/10/03

AES03:OpenLabs OpenSynth Now 64-bit
OpenSynth - everything you need

Open Labs, the folks who caused a bit of a stir at this years Winter NAMM with their EKO Synth, a combined keyboard, controller and computer hardware workstation with built in audio hardware, screen and UPS. Well now they've gone 64-bit with their OpenSynth™ NeKoTM 64 line of AMD OpteronTM processor-based ultra-high performance keyboards for the music industry. Starting with the OpenSynth™ NeKo™ (previously named eKo), Open Labs will now offer single and dual AMD Opteron processor-equipped models capable of addressing up to 8GB of RAM. The OpenSynth NeKo 64™ is an all-in-one keyboard workstation and the first of its kind with AMD64 architecture, which allows musicians to run all existing 32-bit Microsoft Windowsbased musical applications and plug-ins as well as 64-bit applications seamlessly. “We are very excited at the opportunity to produce products based on the revolutionary 64-bit processors from AMD”, said Victor Wong, CEO, Open Labs, Inc. “The increase in performance provided by them is quite dramatic and will set an even higher standard for our new superclass of musical instruments.” Expected ship date for NeKo 64 is Q4, 2003. The NeKo 64 can be seen at the AES show in New York October 10-13, 2003 and is priced from $6,645.00 Complete information is available at
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    Open Labs have also been busy developing a new OpenStudio OMX 64, the first fully integrated digital audio workstations and the Controller One touch screen controller. The OpenStudio OMX 64 utilizes best-of class components, software, and I/O in a rackmounted chassis ideal for the studio or stage to provide a powerful and easy to use solution for performing musicians and recording engineers. OMX 64 is capable of performing many roles including Digital Multitrack Recording, MIDI/Audio Composition and Mastering, and Live performance of VST and other Virtual Instrument / Effects types. The OMX 64 is a 4U rack mounted integrated digital audio workstation running a preconfigured version of Windows XP equipped with single or dual AMD Opteron™ processor(s) with up to 8GB of RAM, integrated audio I/O with (10) ins and (10) outs, XLR Microphone inputs with pre amps, S/PDIF i/o,MIDI i/o,wordclock i/o, 24-bit 96 kHz recording, recessed front panel USB ports for software dongles, (4) available full size PCI slots, removable 80GB hard drive with display, CDRW drive, wireless keyboard/mouse/remote controller and space for an additional (2) 3.5” HD’s. The OMX 64 features the OpenStudio GUI designed for ease of use, as well as a comprehensive bundle of software ready for use right out of the box. Additional options include digital ADAT with (2) ADAT digital I/O, (1) SPDIF digital I/O, and (1) ADAT Sync In (9-pin D-type). Prices for the OMX 64 start at $3,095. “We’re not limiting our innovations to one form factor”, said Craig Negoescu, Chief Architect, Open Labs, Inc. “OMX 64 represents an opportunity for the power of the Neko to be harnessed in an industry-standard rack format. It‘s an outstanding solution by itself or in conjunction with our keyboard-based products.” The Controller One controller is a 15” LCD touch screen designed for use for the OMX series integrated digital audio workstation and other DAWs. The interactive screen allows the musician full control and feedback while using any application or plug-in. Since the Controller One becomes the full interface, the main rack unit can be stowed away allowing the user more room to work. The onboard (4) port USB hub allows external midi controllers and keyboard controllers to be connected with ease. The Controller One is priced at $895. Both products can be seen at the AES show in New York October 10-13, 2003. “The OMX series integrated digital audio workstations take the voodoo out of using computer enhanced processing for music applications”, said Victor Wong, CEO, Open Labs, Inc. “It works right out of the box and you do not have to be a computer genius to use it. It’s simple, elegant, and very powerful.” The OMX systems are shippng now - more info:


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