VEMIA Is Sweet 16 This Month

The webs first vintage synth auction comes of age      13/11/03
Blimey, it only seems like yesterday when the Vintage Electric Musical Intrument Auctions were starting out. This month sees the 16th Vemia auction – those of you in the know, will be well aware of the cornucopia of goodies that are often up for grabs. People come from all over the world to bid on the rare and sometimes unique items. Peter Forrest, (he of the classic A to Z of Analogue Synthsizers) is the man in control and is celebrating the 16th sale in a special way: 16 classic lots at a £16 start bid and (as usual) no reserve. Lots
  • £16: Moog Minimoog serial number 9837, c.1978, restored and serviced & ready to rock.
  • £16: Electronic Dream Plant Wasp, c.1978, restored and serviced and excellent.
  • £16: Oberheim Two-Voice, s/n 0153, c.1976, virtually like new, with sequencer.
  • £16: Roland Jupiter-8, s/n 181844, c.1982, eight-voice analogue synth with Kenton MIDI.
  • £16: Korg Electribe EA-1 - VEMIA doesn’t just sell old stuff! Part of a famous musician’s gear.
  • £16: Roland RE-201 Space Echo – c.1976, analogue tape echo to give warmth to digital.
  • £16: Roland SH-7, c.1979, probably the most elaborate monosynth ever. One owner.
  • £16: ARP Odyssey, s/n 0454, c.1975, near-mint black/gold early version of Minimoog rival.
  • £16: Hohner Clavinet E7, c.1980, the classic Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley sound.
  • £16: Selmer Clavioline, c.1956 – think Telstar – valves, ivory, ebony, snakeskin.
  • £16: Yamaha CS-60, c.1978 – classic Bladerunner sounds, but more affordable and reliable.
  • £16: Vox Continental, c.1967 – reverse colour keys, House of the Rising Sun, John Lennon..
  • £16: Yamaha DX7, c.1984 – the first classic digital synthesiser.
  • £16: Roland Rhythm 77, c.1973 - wonderful old drum machine, Latin beats, Mike Nesmith.
  • £16: Moog Satellite, c.1974 – greatly under-rated early Moog preset synthesiser.
  • £16: Binson Echorec II, c.1963 – valve echo, all over early Pink Floyd recordings & gigs. VEMIA’s online auction is the world’s premiere specialist auction in the field, selling to and for some of the most famous musicians, studios and producers in Europe and the world. It was founded by synthesiser expert Peter Forrest in 1995, and has sold about $2 000 000 worth of rare, interesting, useful or just plain bizarre gear since then – from low-price effects pedals for £20, to Brian Eno’s old EMS Synthi AKS at £16000. Other current entries in this auction, finishing Saturday November 15, include a Hammond C3 with Leslie, Yamaha CS80, Memorymoog Plus, LAMM Memorymoog, two EMS Vocoder 2000s, Mellotron 400, Prophet VS rack, valve tape echoes, microphones, studio kit of all different vintages, and a bunch of newer stuff too, from reliable and dependable sources, who pack items really well and describe them honestly and accurately. If you’re a PPG fanatic, too, there are some excellent spares – and a PPG EVU – one of the rarest of their products. For more details, email:
    or go to
  • and click on the VEMIA Auction logo.

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